Love to hate you

Characters: Red Bull Racing drivers and Christian Horner
Genre: Love/affair
Notes: This story never happened. It’s just in my head.


17. Love to hate you (part 17)

Maria knocks on Mark’s door. He opens it and smiles. He already had his racing overalls on. She closes the door and they kiss passionately. She tries to undress him but he takes her hands away.
“No time” He says, stepping away a bit
“You were really exciting this morning. It’s not what Christian said, is it?”
“How do you know about that?” He wonders
“I heard you to talk”
“You eavesdropper” He says smiling
“He was really furious. I’m sorry he found out. I was disagreeing with Jenny and I blurred out by mistake about what we did”
“He did sound angry on the phone but it seemed he calmed down after that”
“I confronted him so maybe that’s why. Do you really mean that you’re gonna reveal all?”
“Of course I do”
“Even though you don’t want to meet me outside the paddock”
“I only said it’s risky but that was before I knew how this will go”
“So, how does it go?” She asks and gets closer to him
“Well, you really have changed my life. I never thought this would happen. I thought this feeling would have faded by now but it had just gone stronger”
“So how do you feel then?” She says touching his ear while looking closely at him
“I feel I’m falling for you deeper and deeper”
“Just say it” She says kissing his lips tenderly
He wraps his arms around her waist.
“I love you” He says between kisses
“Oh Mark” She says and they get closer to the couch, kissing passionately
They lay down, her on top and kiss. She runs her fingers through his hair while he caress her lower back. She moves her left hand to the opening of the overalls and opens it. He looks at his watch and stops responding to her kisses.
“I got to go” He says and sits up to get her off him. He stands up.
“Not yet” She says and lays her hand on his groin before he turns around
“I really have to go. I’m on pole remember”
“Yes you are. I can feel it” She says with a lust in her eyes
“Maria, I really have to go”
She sighs and lays down on the couch on her back. He was about to leave but she kept alluring him with her moans. He’s about to change his mind but snaps out of it. He leaves straight away and closes the door behind him. She smiles and stands up from the couch. She gets back to her room where Jenny is waiting.
“Shall we go?” She asks but Maria sits down on the couch
She smiles.
“He loves me” She says, looking up at the roof
“That’s great. When is the wedding?” Jenny jokes
“You’re invited” Maria jokes back, looking at her
She sits up straight.
“You know Jenny. My life with him is gonna be great. Oh and the sex is amazing. I’ve never been this happy”
“Maria, don’t forget, life is not always perfect. There’s still that girlfriend thing”
“I know. I don’t want to think about it now. Let’s see the race” She says and stands up
They take their paddock passes and leave. When they get to the pits, they meet Christian. They would stay on Sebastian’s side of the pit box. They get a pair of earplugs. The girls keep following what the staff are doing. The race is beginning and the drivers are on the grid. The start goes well without accidents. The Red Bulls were struggling a bit, especially Mark. He leads a few laps until he has to make a stop to change tires. He loses places and he’s 10th. Suddenly another car crashes into him and he has to retire. In the pits, Maria wasn’t really sorry. It meant she could see him earlier. She whispers in Jenny’s ear, that she would go to his room and wait. She leaves before her friend can say anything. She looks at her leave and continue to watch the race. Sebastian was leading. Maria didn’t care about the race any more. It would take a while before Mark would get there. She would take a shower while she waited. When she’s finished, she wraps a towel around her and sits down on the couch. After a few minutes she hears the door open. In steps Mark, his overalls down to his wait. He doesn’t see her. She stands up and gets closer to him. Then she kisses him and startled sees her.
“Bloody hell, you scared me. Don’t ever do that again” He says upset
“I’m sorry. Will this make up for it?” She says and drops her towel but he ignores it
“I thought you were watching the race somewhere” He asks, walking pass her
“I did but you retired so I decided to come here”
“I’m sorry but I want to be alone a while”
“What is it now? I can take away the pain” She says and gets closer to him
“No offence but I don’t feel like having sex right now” He says and gets to the bathroom
She leaves the towel on the floor and follows him there. He’s taking his under shirt off and toss it in the laundry basket in the bathroom. She stands behind him and wraps her arms around his waist. She moves her hands inside his overalls and touches his groin. She breathes in his ear.
“Would you really say no to me. I can feel you love this” She whispers in his ear
He grunts and closes his eyes.
“Maria, you really know how to comfort me but” He says and takes her hands away to turn around “I really mean, I want to be alone. I call you later, OK? Now go and watch the race”
“But Mark” She says but he interrupts
“I promise we do it multiply times at the hotel. Now I really have to take a shower” He says and makes her walk backwards
“Of course”
“I can’t wait” She says and gives him a kiss
“Bye” He says, closing the door to the bathroom in front of her
She smiles and takes her clothes on the couch to put them on. She leaves his room to get to hers. She didn’t care about the race so she decided to sleep. She needed her strength for tonight. If only things wouldn’t get in the way, things would be perfect.

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