Love to hate you

Characters: Red Bull Racing drivers and Christian Horner
Genre: Love/affair
Notes: This story never happened. It’s just in my head.


16. Love to hate you (part 16)

Jenny wakes before Maria. She didn’t hurry out of bed. It was 6 am but Jenny couldn’t sleep. They would be getting to the circuit at 8 am. They would meet Christian down in the hotels lobby at 7.30 am. She gets ready for the day. It would be sunny and about +24°C outside. When she’s ready she wakes Maria up. “Did you have tough night?” She asks, standing beside the bed Maria stretches and yawns. “What time is it?” She asks and sits slowly up “Almost 7 am. Time to get ready for breakfast” “Not really hungry” “Something to drink then” “Just water from the mini bar will do” She says and lays down on her back “Come on Maria. What’s wrong?” Jenny says and sits down on her own bed “Nothing. I’m just so in love” She says, spreading her arms on the bed and closing her eyes with a smile on her face “I’m happy for you but you have to eat something” “Maybe later” She says and gets out of bed She gets to the bathroom to take a shower. Jenny packs her things in her bag while she waits. In the bathroom, Maria is still in the shower. She was thinking about the evening before. She was missing Mark even though they would meet later. Jenny knocks on the bathroom door so she wakes from her thoughts. She gets out of the shower and dries herself with a towel. She wraps it around her and get out of the bathroom. “Are you ready?” “You go to breakfast. I get ready” “So you’re not gonna keep me company then?” “You won’t be long, right?” “OK, I go alone. I get here after that” Jenny says and leaves While she’s away, Maria gets ready. She puts some clean clothes on and brushes her hair. She takes her mobile and sits on the couch to look through it. She stands and get to the mini bar to get some mineral water. Her mobile rings so she gets to see who it was. She smiles and answers. “Hi Mark” “Did I wake you?” He asks on the other end “No. I didn’t expect your call” “Where are you?” “In my hotel room” “Could you come here?” ”Shouldn’t you get to the circuit?” “Not yet. How about it?” “I can’t. Jenny is coming back soon. Shouldn’t you save your strength for the race?” “Just a quick one” “So a few hours wasn’t enough?” She says and smiles “No, it never is but it’s because you’re so good at it” “Can’t we do it in the paddock? That’s more exciting” “That’s more risky to get caught” “Exactly. What’s more exciting then the danger?” “But if we do it, it can get difficult for me. You never know how Christian will react if he found out. I did say I wouldn’t fall for you” “He will found out sooner or later” “Much later I hope”. OK then, let’s meet there” “Good. See you later” “Bye babe” He says and ends the call A moment later Jenny comes back. They would get downstairs. Maria didn’t say anything about the call. They take their bags and leaves. Christian is already waiting. The girls apologise for being late. They get a lift to the circuit. Maria looks out of the window, dreaming. Jenny and Christian is talking. “Is everything all right?” He asks Maria after a while “Yeah. Just tired” She replies, giving a quick smile “Are you feeling better?” “Yeah” She says and looks out of the window again “A shame you missed dinner” “Sorry but I don’t feel like talking” She says, looking at him “All right” He says and let’s her be They arrive to the circuit. They get to the Energy station. Christian went to the paddock where the staff were already at work. He would get to them later. The girls sits down at the bar. They had put their bags on the floor. They were in no hurry. Maria was sitting quiet. She was looking around. “It’s gonna be exciting to watch the race in the pits, don’t you think?” Jenny brakes the silence “Yeah it is” Maria replies without looking at her “So are you gonna tell me about your evening last night or is that a secret?” “If I tell you, you will go and tell Sebastian about it” Maria says and looks at her “I would not. Is that what this is all about?” “You did talk to him about me” “But I would never tell him our secrets. You know, you’ve got more paranoid after you got involved with Mark” She says a bit upset “You shouldn’t have gotten friendly with Sebastian” “So I should have been unfriendly towards him then?” “No but you shouldn’t have talked to him like he’s your best friend. Or maybe you like him more then a friend” “It’s nothing like that. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings but that’s not a reason not telling me things” “OK, if you must know. I had a lovely time. We did it like animals. OK, satisfied?” “You did what?” An upset voice says Startled the girls look up and see Christian looking furious. “Nothing” Maria says quickly “Where is he? He got some explaining to do” He says, looking around “Who?” She says pretending not to know “You know damn well of whom I speak” “Honestly I don’t” “Mark” “It wasn’t about him” “Stop lying. Now where is he?” He says, raising his voice “I don’t know” Sebastian arrives and sees them talking. He gets to them. “Have you seen Mark?” Christian asks Sebastian when he gets there “No, sorry” “Maria, call him” “I won’t” She refuses “Then I will” He says and takes his mobile from his pocket to call “Go upstairs” He tells the girls “I don’t know what you’re trying to gain by doing this” “Do as I say” He says upset “Come on” Jenny says and stands up All Maria has to do is obey. The girls get upstairs while Christian is talking to Mark. She knew the secret was out. They get to their room. She was worried she had jeopardised his place in the team for good. If she only had kept her mouth shut. Christian gets back to their room after the call. The girls are sitting on the couch. “That’s the last time I trust an Aussie. Next year, he’s out of the team” He says angry “No, it’s not his fault, it was mine” Maria says and stands up “He promised he wouldn’t fall for you but he did. I can’t have a driver like that” “What is your problem?” She says upset “So no one should touch me? That’s really unfair. I’m not a child and your not my parent. Should I have fallen for your precious Sebastian instead? Would you have preferred that? Just because it’s not your favourite son, you go all crazy” “It’s not about that. If things were different I wouldn’t mind at all. But when it’s about other people’s feelings, that what I have a problem with” “You mean Mark’s girlfriend?” “Exactly. Stop seeing him and things will never come out. You can found someone who’s single” “You think this is just for fun. I’m in love with him” “No, you’re not” “You can’t know how I’m feeling” “I have no time for this. Need to talk to Mark” He says and gets to the door “Giving him a lecture that is” Christian says nothing. He closes the door behind him. “He’s in trouble now” Jenny says who has sat down on the couch “Let’s go and listen” Maria says and they go outside their room They hear talking in Mark’s room. They stand behind the door to listen. The conversation is going civilised. “I know I’m doing wrong but I can’t help it. I try not to fall deeper but she keeps dragging me there” They hear Mark say. “You said you wouldn’t fall for her but you did. That’s dishonesty to me. I can’t have a driver I can’t trust” “You know I’ve done a lot to this team and still do. My personal feelings hasn’t got in the way” “Do you have problems at home?” “No, everything’s been fine” “But still you decided to have an affair with my niece. I see that as not being fine at home” “No disrespect but that’s none of your concern what I do privately” “But still you want to risk your long-term relationship by getting involved with someone much younger then you. My advice is to get out of the way before it’s too late” “So it’s the age thing, you don’t approve?” “Among other things” “It’s already too late. I’m already too deep. I’m planning to reveal everything” “Just think before you do something drastic. You might make the biggest mistake of your life” “Don’t worry, I won’t” Christian opens the door to leave. The girls have gone back to their room before he did, They sit on the couch when he gets there. “What now?” Maria asks when he doesn’t say anything “This is not over. Jenny, could you leave us alone for a while? I need to talk to Maria in private” He says to her “No, she can stay” Maria says “What is it?” “OK, well. It seems you really have put him under a spell. You’re the one who can end it. Tell him it’s over. Tell him, you had your fun” “I’m not gonna tell him anything. I will continue to see him” She says upset “Where? Not here anyway. This is your last visit to a race and that’s final. Not even Sebastian can make me change my mind” “At least I can meet him there without you interfering. Either way, there’s nothing you can do about it” “You will be sorry” “So be it” He looks at the time. “I have to go back to work” He says and leaves “Ah, finally” Maria says and stands up “I’ll go and see Mark” “Don’t be long” She says and Maria opens the door “Maria, are you all right?” She asks before she leaves “Yeah, you heard what Mark said” She replies and smiles “Go” Jenny says and she does The race would be in a hour. They would get to the pits together. Jenny was happy for her friend but at the same time she was a bit jealous. She wished she could find a passionate love like her. But so far she was happy she had two great friend.

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