Love to hate you

Characters: Red Bull Racing drivers and Christian Horner
Genre: Love/affair
Notes: This story never happened. It’s just in my head.


1. Love to hate you

Chapter 1

“Her name is Rio and she’s dances on the sand” is blasting from the stereo. A young lady is singing along. She’s looking through a magazine. She loved the song so she always played it loud. She was told about it a lot. She would be in school but now it was weekend so her parents has sent her to her uncle. She was quite a wild child so they thought she would calm down if she spent some time in his working place. It was her first time at a F1 circuit. She didn’t know anything about the sport or what her uncle did. She was told to stay in the motorhome most of the day so she would stay out of trouble. The music is so loud so she doesn’t hear her uncle coming in. “Maria, put the volume down. You know how much I hate that noise” Christian Horner shouts She stand up and does so. “Sorry uncle” “I’m going to a meeting and then we can leave” “Can I come?” She says excited “No, you stay here” “Is it secret?” “No but it won’t take long. Read a magazine or something. I’ll be back soon” He says and leaves She wouldn’t. She decides to follow. They were in the Red Bull Energy station. She sees him walk down the steps and into another room. She stops by the bar and sits on the bar stool to wait. Other people are going in as well. She sees two men in racing overalls. The other is taller then the other. She pays attention to the tall one. He had dark hair. He was exactly the kind of men she liked. In 15 minutes the meeting is over. She sees him coming out of the room. She quickly gets to him. He doesn’t see her at first. He nearly bumps into her which was her plan. She was a brave girl who wasn’t shy about anything. “Oh I’m sorry” He says and smiles “It’s ok. What’s you name?” She asks and looks at him “Mark Webber” Christian Horner has got outside the room and sees her talking to his driver. “You’re gorgeous”  She says to Mark “Thanks” He replies back “Maria!” Christian shouts to her “Sorry, have to go. See you later” She says with a smile and gets to her uncle “I told you to wait in the room” He says when she gets there “Sorry. I was bored” They walk upstairs and get back to their room. “I don’t want you to talk to my drivers. They should concentrate on the weekend” He says when they get there “Don’t worry I won’t. Just the other one” “Especially not him. I promised to your parents I would keep you out of trouble” “Does he have a girlfriend? Is that a reason I can’t talk to him?” “As a mattered a fact, yes to both questions” “Ok, I won’t talk to him then” She says and sits down on the couch “I’m gonna take my things and then we can leave to the hotel” She was curios about this guy. She never listened to advice which was the reason bad things always happened to her. She couldn’t help it, she had a flirtatious nature. Christian gets his things and they leave. A car is waiting outside the paddock. She tried to look if she could see Mark but he probably had gone already. They were in another country so she couldn’t go alone anywhere. Maybe that was the reason why her parents thought it was the right place where her uncle could keep her in check. Usually she went out to clubs to meet guys and have fun. This time she didn’t have to go that far. She already found a guy she was interested in.

They arrive to the hotel. They would go out to dinner later. She had her own room. They would meet downstairs at 6 p.m. She takes a shower and put clean clothes on. She takes her mobile to call her friend in the UK. She tells her friend about who she met. Her friend was a fan of Sebastian Vettel so she asked if she could ask for his autograph. Maria didn’t give a toss about him but she would try to get one. She went to dinner with her uncle and kept looking around. They already finished their dinner. “If you’re looking for Mark, you won’t be finding him here” “I wasn’t, honest” She says and smiles “Good” “Can I get an autograph from Vettel? It’s for my friend” “Ask it himself tomorrow at the circuit” “So I can talk to him but not to Mark?” “I didn’t mean you can’t talk to them. Asking for an autograph is just innocent talk” “I don’t care about autographs. I rather talk to people” “I know you’re not shy about anything but sometimes being too honest is not always good” “Did my parents say that?” She asks a bit upset “No but since you were a kid, you’ve been straightforward. Sometimes it’s good but sometimes it’s not” “Well it’s not my fault boys like me” She says calmed down “All I’m saying is, that don’t let your emotions get in the way. That will just get you into trouble” “I try not to. Shall we go? I’m getting tired” “Sure” He says and they leave She just wanted to be alone the rest of the evening. They say good night. She couldn’t wait to the next day.

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