This is my ending to Ray Bradburry's The Whole Towns Sleeping

There is a thing or person going around the illinois country killing maiden ladies by stangling them it is called The Lonley One and no body knows who it is....and my ending says who i think it is.Look up and read the begining.


4. The Lonely One

They were looking round that mint green grass for hours and days but they found nothing.All there was ,was an odd frog or two rustling in the big clump of green bushes."I think we should go back to yours now Helen,I give up plus I am cold and scared,"murmured Francine.
"Fine,it is getting quite late after-all,"said Helen.So they walked back home arm in arm through the open night silence.
They walked past the down town drugstore where they could hear fans whispering and a soda smell whipped past there noses."I just have to go and get some mint-chews."said Francine to Helen.
"I will meet you at home then,"replied Helen.Francine entered the shop with caution as she was still shocked about seeing Officer Kennedy.Dead.
Francine walked along the scorched side walk it was as black as a bat and total silence throughout the night there was only the ticking of the clock.
Francine had walked home fairly quickly and was just about to walk up Helen's brown porch steps when she heard a ladies scream coming from inside Helens house.She ran up the stairs and into her house.Her mint-chews went all over the floor like a million marbles.She opened the door and what she saw wasn't good.It was Lavinia.She was dead.Her tongue was hanging out of her mouth but what worst of all someone had hold of her neck.It was Helen.Helen was The Lonely One.
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