This is my ending to Ray Bradburry's The Whole Towns Sleeping

There is a thing or person going around the illinois country killing maiden ladies by stangling them it is called The Lonley One and no body knows who it is....and my ending says who i think it is.Look up and read the begining.


1. Shocked

Lavinia stood still.Shocked.Not knowing what to do.She tried not to turn around to see who or what this figure is.She could hear her heart pumping vigorously in her skinny, pale chest amongst the night silence throughout the house.Lavinia decided to turn a little to her right and could now see in the corner of her chocolate brown eyes,the figure who stood behind her.
He cleared his throat once again,louder this time though.Lavinia could hear footsteps behind her."Its coming closer!" she thought to herself."What shall I do? Do I run away or walk ?"she whispered.Lots of questions were running through her head at this point.She turned a little more to the right and was nearly facing him when she stretched out her arms and grabbed him by the throat."HA,got you now," Lavinia shouted and she then pushed his body to the hard wooden floor beneath them.
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