This is my ending to Ray Bradburry's The Whole Towns Sleeping

There is a thing or person going around the illinois country killing maiden ladies by stangling them it is called The Lonley One and no body knows who it is....and my ending says who i think it is.Look up and read the begining.


2. Running

Eventually she let him free from the grasp of her sweaty,pale hands.She stood up not knowing what she had just done.Then Lavinia looked down.There on the hard,wooden floor lay Officer Kennedy.His tongue hanging from his mouth.Dead."What have I done,"she thought."Oh what have I done."
She stood there.Thinking."What have I done?" she said to herself again.It took her a while to realise what she had done.All she could think about was running,running away from this.So she grabbed her coat and ran out of the door,she slammed it shut behind her and as she was running down the porch steps she knocked her empty lemonade glass off the porch rail.Lavinia ran and ran and ran untill she reached Helen's house.Panting,she knocked on the door.
"Lavinia are you OK?"said Helen.
"Im fine I have just come to tell you...I did it,"whispered Lavinia under her breath.Then she ran away into the dark night,with only a flicker of light to guide her way.
"Did what?"asked Helen.
"I just did it!"shouted Lavinia from half way down the road.
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