Brain Farts

The Brain Farts of Benjy Wam... come and follow me


3. #AmsuchaDik


On the 9th Day Zeus made blackberry! unlike the rich kids I couldnt afford an iPhone, so I got a BB .It was during this time I posted Brain Farts at Record speed. Brain Farts on the Go was the ONE!


Is it wrong to have a fear of ginger people #AmSuchaDik


So wait is it Mandatory to follow someone that follows you ... even when they are BORING... #AmsuchaDik


Club full of Fat people... this aint good for my Toes.. #AmsuchaDik


Is it wrong to want to Smash this Kont in the face for breathing to loudly during a film .. #amsuchaDik #Angerissues


Anyone one else hold a banana like they are chewing on a cigar .. just me ...#AmsuchaDik


No I never hit your face! I just high fived your fat face! .... #AmsuchaDik


Totally Agree. Them Blow up Dolls usually kick up a stink after a few weeks... #AmsuchaDik


Twitter Suggests I Follow Tim Westwood I suggest that Twitter FCUKS OFF .. AmsuchaDik


Poo Fetish !!!! What are you shitting me !! .. AmsuchaDik


Working while drunk FUN! Working with someone who is Drunk NOT FUN...#amsuchaDik


Draco Dormiens Numquam Titillandus... am not even a fan #AmsuchaDik


After deep discussion I have come to the conclusion that Louie Armstrong would Win a Knife fight against Otis Redding #AmsuchaDik #Swag


When I was 13 I was the Tv Remote control :( #amsuchaDik


Am I the only one watching Celebrity Big Brother waiting for some one to beat one of the Jedwards to DEATH! #amsuckaDik


Feel Fresh, how many of you lot got hangovers? Was it worth it lol MUGS! .. #AmsuchaDik


Seriously playing with my emotions is like playing with my balls! you got to be gentle! #AmsuckaDik


Pfff if it wasnt for a man you wont be in the women to be brought into the world in the 1st place #AmsuchaDik


Pfffffffffffffffffft... KONT ! #amsuchaDik


breastfeeding in public.. well if the titty be fine I dont see why not .. Idea makes me hungry #AmsuchaDik


A half Black half Hispanic spiderman the Teaparty gonna SHIT!!!! #amsuchaDik


Paul Daniels Smashed in da face by a Pizza !!! Now that's Magic #amsuchaDik


I love to sing-a About the moon-a and the June-a and the spring-a, #AmsuchaDik


I don't have the heart to tell this chick that her dress is inside out #amsuchaDik


May of said "Baby be Fat" a little to loud #amsuchaDik


Tea party movement.... seriously as least the KKK have a decent name #AmsuchaDik


All I've got in this world is my Balls and my Xbox.. I won't break em for NO BODY! #amsuchaDik


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