Your world is separated into different country’s by the sea and borderlines…not here. On our world, there is only two country’s, split by the sea, obviously one side virus, the other side not. This is the story of a young girl called Evelyn, going away to college and developing into a strong woman.
Please comment, I would love to hear what you think of this. Also if you would like me to write more, please say so too ^-^ <3


4. Oliver

As Evelyn stepped onto the coach, most of the seats were taken. It seemed like loads of people knew each other, but she didn’t know anyone. She walked down the bus and got half way to see a boy sitting by himself listening to his Ipod. This boy looked like a normal boy, nothing really special about him, choppy brown hair, a little bit of muscle and good dress sense, seemed like a good place to go. “Excuse me...could I sit next to you there isn‘t any spaces left..” Evelyn nervously said looking at him,  as she smiled slightly. He looked up at her, taking out one of his headphones. “Oh sure” he smiled slightly and got out of his seat so Evelyn could sit next to the window, she slid herself into the seat and sat down getting herself comfortable. “Sorry about you having a window seat” He said, flicking his hair out of his face. “I get car sick if I’m next to the window” He laughed lightly, changing the song on his Ipod. “Oh right, it’s okay, I like looking out the window.” Evelyn smiled and stared at him as she tried to figure out his power. Usually you can tell by the way they act, but with him, she had no clue. “So, what’s your name?” Evelyn asked, brushing her hand through her hair. “I’m Oliver, and you are?” Oliver stared at her and smiled, his smile was nice to look at, it made Evelyn feel warm inside. “I’m Evelyn…not many people have my name.” She said nervously, playing with her fingers. “I don’t know many people with that name, but it’s a very pretty name if I must say” Oliver took out his other headphone and wrapped them around his Ipod, putting it into his pocket. “So, what’s yo-” Oliver got interrupted by the driver, he used the loudspeaker to talk to them all. They both popped their head over the seat to see him, he had a big round belly, grey hair which was being lost slowly and many wrinkles. “Now kid’s, The ride is going to be 10 hours.. I know that’s long, so don’t moan, we will be stopping off for food and drink, if you have money that is, try not to be to loud or do anything disruptive, thanks.” Every time he talked, the fat on his neck would jiggle, Evelyn was trying hard to keep in her laughter in. He sat in his drivers seat and drove away from the bus stop. Evelyn suddenly burst out laughing, she couldn’t hold in her laughter anymore. “What’s so funny?” Oliver looked at her confused, but Evelyn’s laugh was so contagious that he couldn’t help but giggle too.  Evelyn just carried on laughing and just pointed at her chin and pointed in the way of the bus driver. Oliver laughed too “I know right.. They were jiggling all over the place!” Evelyn and Oliver laughed together but soon calmed down. They talked and laughed for a few hours. when Oliver came out with  “Anyways, as I was going say…so Miss Evelyn, what is your power?” He smiled a warm smile at her, it just made Evelyn feel so relaxed just looking at him. “I can shape shift into animals” Evelyn smirked, leaning back onto her seat as she thought her power was pretty impressive. “What about you...Mr Oliver” She raised her eyebrow at him. “I can control the dark sprit’s” Oliver looked at Evelyn’s deep eyes, as her face changed from a smirk to her mouth being opened. “Yeah, it’s pretty freaky…most people are freaked out by me” He laugh a little, running his hands through his hair nervously. “That power…is actually so amazing..” Evelyn placed her hand on his shoulder, Really, it’s amazing, I wish I had that power” She smiled at him as she started to purr a little. Oliver looked up at her and smiled another warm smile, then looked at her hand as he felt the vibrations of her purr through her hand. “You purr?” he laughed lightly, taking her hand as Evelyn started to purr more, his touch just made her purr so much that she couldn’t stop it. “That is so cute..” he kept on rubbing her hand to make her purr more, and It worked as she blushed a deep red. “Now, show me your power.” he grinning letting go of her hand. “okay, what animal would you like me to be?” Evelyn smiled, “I’ll be anything you want me to be, as long as I can fit in this seat..” she looked around her to check the space she had. “ok..err” Oliver thought hard, he frowned a little but Evelyn thought it was cute. “How about, a cat, since you like to purr so much!” he laughed as he stared at her waiting to change. Evelyn nodded and she closed her eyes and took a deep breath out. Brown fur quickly grew all over her body, her face turned to a cat face and as soon as Oliver knew it, she was a little cat on the seat next to him. Evelyn sat on the seat and looked up at him. “Told you” Her voice rolled on her tongue, it was rich and silky. Oliver was amazed by this, he just stared at her. “That is so cool…be my kitty?” He laughed picking her up by her stomach and placing her on his lap, Evelyn just sat on his lap looking up at him with a smile on her face. He started to rub behind her ears and she purred loudly. “You really do know the right spots to rub a woman y’know?” she looked up at him and smirked. “Oh really?” He laughed and lent down to her ear whispering, “I’ll show you another place where I’m good at rubbing, sometime?” Evelyn felt a lump in her throat as she blushed so hard that it made her change back to a human again right on his lap. She stared into his eyes and swallowed, as her legs were each side of his and his hands were on her neck. “I…I’m so sorry..” Evelyn quickly jumped off him sitting on the seat beside him. Oliver had a slight blush also, “It’s alright...didn’t really expect it but it was a nice experience..” Oliver smiled and placed his hand on hers, it was stone cold, just like he was dead. “Your’s, so cold.” Evelyn held his hand with both of hers, trying to warm it up. “Oh don’t worry about that…I always go cold like this when I get nervous...but hey, the coach will be stopping soon, will you come with me for a walk…I want to show you my power.” he smiled as his hand held one of Evelyn’s hands, slipping his fingers in-between hers. Evelyn looked down at their hands and smiled. She has never felt like this before with anyone, she wasn’t really the type to hold hands. She has never had a boyfriend, nor has she kissed anyone or done anything with someone, she has always been with her friends, nothing more.

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