Your world is separated into different country’s by the sea and borderlines…not here. On our world, there is only two country’s, split by the sea, obviously one side virus, the other side not. This is the story of a young girl called Evelyn, going away to college and developing into a strong woman.
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5. John

Oliver held Evelyn’s hand the whole time until they were at the stopping point, they didn’t say a word to each other, just stared into each others eyes. They waited until someone let them into the queue to get off the bus, but Oliver still held her hand but held it tighter this time as they heard people whispering and shouting at them. “Look, freaks got a girlfriend!” One of the popular guy’s on the bus shouted, Evelyn felt the rage build up inside her, she growled and swallowed as she tried to contain it. They all had to wait until everyone was off the coach until they could go anywhere. The last people to get off the bus was the popular people. A guy and two girls, both clinging to his arms. Oliver put his arm around Evelyn’s stomach and pulled her close to him, as he whispered into her ear. “Don’t look at him in the eye, he can do horrid things to you..” Evelyn quickly looked at the ground as Oliver just stared at him, like he was protecting her. Evelyn felt scared, but safe with him, she hardly knew the guy but she felt as if she could trust him with her life. He smiled as the popular guy turned his gaze away from him. “Now Evelyn, do something for me…” He whispered in her ear again, “Keep on close to me no matter what..” He waited until everyone went into the shop and grabbed Evelyn’s hand, pulling her into the way of the forest close to the shop, as they were close to entering they heard a deep, tough voice. “Hey freak, where you going with your girl?” Evelyn didn’t dare to turn to look, but Oliver turned to look at him. Him and his girl’s were standing a couple of steps behind them. Evelyn turned around the take a good look at him. He was tall and had a lot of muscle, short hair and eyebrows which always seemed to be in a frown, and his girls were short skirted, big breasts with long blonde hair and red lips. “To scared to talk are we? I’ll do the talking then” The popular guy said staring at Evelyns breasts. “So girl…babes, you’re pretty hot, want to come with me and have a good time or stay with freak here?” Evelyn felt her rage build up inside her, as she started to growl Oliver grabbed her hand to calm her, as he could feel the fur on her hand, he looked over at her and whispered, “Evelyn, he is so much stronger than you, don’t even try, calm down” and squeezed her hand, to see feel that is was a massive paw, “Evelyn stop it.” Oliver said and he looked up at her but all she was doing was staring at the popular guy. The popular guy started to laugh, “So, She growls, Feisty one we’ve got here..” He laugh as he stepped towards Evelyn, putting his hand on her chin, holding it,  staring into her eyes. Evelyn felt dizzy, she didn’t know why, she took her eyes from his and looked at Oliver, she felt weak. Oliver just stared at the mess he brought her into, Evelyn let go of Oliver’s hand, and stared into the popular guys eyes, “What’s your name?” Evelyn said breathing rough breaths, as she felt the energy being drained from her.. “I want to know who’s name I’ll be screaming later..” She smirked at him, and the popular guy let go of her chin smiling at her, then looking over at Oliver as his face fell. “It’s John baby” John smirked and put his hands on Evelyn’s hip’s and Evelyn put her hands on his back, “So John, do you like it…rough?” Evelyn smiled at him and dragged her claws down his back. John, hissed from the pain as Evelyn pushed him away from her. “John, Do you really want to get into something like this?” Evelyn growled under each word as she turned into a white tiger in front of his eyes, “I’m up for anything babe..” John walked towards her again, but she slashed him across the face. John held his cheek and stumbled away from her, “Don’t touch me..” The words rolled off her tongue again. Evelyn looked over at Oliver and winked and smiled “Come on Oliver, let’s show these girls who’s power is better..” Oliver nodded and smiled, as he got his stance, standing on his side, one foot in front of the other. Darkness came from the centre of his hands as he whispered some sort of chant under his breath. His eyes went black as ghost like people appeared behind them, they were sprits of the dead, Evelyn knew this, she had read it in a book before...she remembered now, he’s special, he isn’t just an ordinary boy, he’s amazing. “Girls, get them!” John shouted pointing at them both, as he ran off to the shop again. “This will be easy, sis you get freak boy, I’ll get freak girl..” One girl said to the other, her voice was high but rich, enough to make you fall in love. Evelyn and Oliver stared at them as rage built up inside them both. From both of girls hands came a Cain, as it hit the ground, sparks flew. “We are the lightening sisters, we are twins, so we were born with the same power, to bad lightening is more powerful than both of your powers..” One of the lightening sisters said, making a fake grumpy face when they both ran for Oliver and Evelyn. Evelyn pounced onto the girl that was running on her, with each of her paw’s on each of her arms, taking the Cain from hand, throwing it away into the forest, “Who’s tough now? Oh what’s that? You need your little Cain..” Evelyn pushed her tiger face close to hers as she squealed. Meanwhile, Oliver shouted some lyrical chant as the death spirit’s surrounded the girl and consumed her, going inside her body she fell instantly to the floor, flat onto her back. Evelyn let go of the girl she was holding as she ran away to her sister. “She’s not going to die is she Oliver?” She said nervously and panted. Oliver smirked at their misfortune, “Of course not..” He whispered something under his breath again and the other girl woke up. Grabbing her sisters hand running away from Oliver and Evelyn.

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