Your world is separated into different country’s by the sea and borderlines…not here. On our world, there is only two country’s, split by the sea, obviously one side virus, the other side not. This is the story of a young girl called Evelyn, going away to college and developing into a strong woman.
Please comment, I would love to hear what you think of this. Also if you would like me to write more, please say so too ^-^ <3


6. First Kiss

Evelyn prowled towards Oliver as he sat in front of her and Evelyn sat down, Oliver stroked down her arms. “I’ve never been this close to a tiger before…it’s amazing...y-your fur..” he smiled and stroked her fur as she looked down at him. “Well hang around with me and I’ll change into many different animals as you get to know me..” Evelyn laughed and she changed back into a human again in front of Oliver. They both sat there on their knee’s on the dirt, just staring in each others deep eyes. “I’d like that..” Oliver said, he slowly held her hands and linked his fingers with his, he lent a little closer to Evelyn’s lips, she felt a lump in her throat as she felt herself draw to him also, their noses touched as Evelyn began to purr quietly and Oliver laughed lightly. He stared at her lips and slowly touched his lips lightly onto hers, she pushed her lips onto his as they began to kiss slowly. Evelyn never felt something like this before, as she felt more and more drawn to him, she let go of his hands and put her hands onto his cheeks, kissing him harder. Oliver put his arm’s around her stomach pulling them both up so they were both sitting up on their knee’s. They pushed their bodies together, kissing hard and faster. Oliver slid his hands down further, and gripped slightly, pulling her hips close to his. Evelyn didn’t want to get back on that coach with everyone else…she just wanted to stay here, with Oliver forever, she didn’t want this moment to end.

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