A collection of thoughts by a nobody

This is a real struggle. The hardest thing I’ve found about writing this is most certainly where to start, so i thought I'd explain a bit about me and why I've decided to write all this crap down.
I've just turned forty so it could be that it's a mid life crisis or the fact that when any body asks me my opinion on anything I nearly always say the same thing. I take a deep breath and say "I have some weird ideas and it would take me a hour or so to explain to you why i think the way i do", and I leave it at that 99% of the time. They're not weird actually, not to me anyway, I think they're very sensible, well thought out, and nearer the truth than the commonly held beliefs about all sorts of issues. So where to start....
Do I begin with a string of long words to draw the attention of the midclass brigade, because obviously to them anyone who doesn't say the word "absolutely" and "tantamount" a lot is not worth listening to and is an uneducated scumbag who should be grateful that they get free oxygen to clean public toilets with.
Or do I start with a string of swear words to bring in the sort of readers who would be far more interested if i said the word "fuck" quite often. Well I'm going to do both and for good reason as you'll notice a little later and it has nothing to do with suiting the reader it's just sometimes there is no replacement word you could put in the place of either expropriation or bollocks

So what am I like? Complicated. I’m not sure I know. There’s lots of things I believe I like and tell people I like but I don’t find myself doing them an awful lot. There’s things I tell people I don’t like and find myself doing all the time. So I’m a hypocrite? Nope I don’t believe that. A liar? I hope not because that would mean I’m lying to myself. I’m insane? Quite possibly.
As I’ve said, I’m now forty years old, married and have three children and live in Cambridgeshire after moving from London in 2007.

What I think will be interesting here is the fact that I'm not going to do any research for these subjects at all, a persons opinion is forged by whats in his or her head, opinions should always be changing as mine does. As I learn more about a subject I quite often change my mind about it and what you are going to get is ideas only generated from what I have seen, read, been told and ponderd over, not proven fact. I don't expect many to share my opinion. If it's a popular idea it must be right, correct? A flat earth was popular a while ago and you would need asbestos underpants if you said the earth goes around the sun.

I'm going to cover a mass of subjects and this is a daunting task.

So strap on your seatbelts and extinguish fags, your going on a journey through my head and it’s not a comfortable one!.


3. The pivot of intelligence

What is it with the middle and upper classes, these elitist tosspots who think that being born to a family whose weekly income is more than my house costs, grants them automatic intelligence. Most people with high social position have normally inherited it from bullies and ancestors who had victorious greed and ego. If every child in England went to a school as good as Eton then I think we would see the flaws in there misguided status.

For intelligence is not just about knowledge but also common sense and I’m afraid to say that most gentlemen who speak with that high class “super, ya, ya, absolutely” accent have as much common sense as a sticky bun.

At the moment we have the IQ test and I think it’s a good method of evaluating one part of a persons intelligence but its only one side of a three part story.

Intelligence should be based on three things;

1.Problem solving / Puzzles. (The current IQ test)2.Information retention (education)3.Practical skills (boiling an egg) I have met people with a IQ that’s through the roof and some of them are the most dim witted planks you could every wish to meet. I knew an army captain who could name every capital city in the world and do a crossword in seconds but could never remember which way to turn the lid of his water bottle to get it open. In combat he’d be as useful as a broken leg but in the mess with the other officers he was a superstar.

So my test is simple. It’s called the POIT. POIT stands for Pivot of Intelligence Test and it works a bit like a seesaw on a vertical slide. Sitting on one side of the seesaw is the IQ and education and on the other side is the common sense.

So now if someone gets 100% for IQ and 0% for common sense they score 50% (because that’s where the pivot of the seesaw lands)

If someone gets 40% IQ and 100% common sense they score 70%

You get the idea…..this is the fairest and most accurate way to judge a persons intelligence.

So next time your at work and the big boss is struggling to work out how to get through a revolving door for the 18th time. Put your brain in gear and judge the whole workforce with the POIT scale. You’ll more that likely find that the receptionist is a mastermind and the big fat walrus of a MD has the same brain power as a stunned slug.

Oh but he has a degree I hear you shout, that must mean something. Well that makes it worse.

Degrees are great things to have. There’s a massive amount of work and commitment that goes into getting one and some people who have degrees do marvellous work but what is a degree actually. It means you have learned what is already known. It’s a tool to forward a business or idea and should be used as an insight. A degree is a tool to do great work with. Simply having the tool is not enough. If I told the local garage that I have a fantastic toolkit of every spanner and screwdriver but I’d never actually used them to fix anything, they would surely say “well why the fuck have you bothered to get them ay”? having every spanner don’t make you a motor machanic!

Some post grads look down their noses at people with standard education. Well fuck them, there’s nothing worse than a man or women with a chance to make great things from a great education and does nothing but wave their paperwork at you.

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