A collection of thoughts by a nobody

This is a real struggle. The hardest thing I’ve found about writing this is most certainly where to start, so i thought I'd explain a bit about me and why I've decided to write all this crap down.
I've just turned forty so it could be that it's a mid life crisis or the fact that when any body asks me my opinion on anything I nearly always say the same thing. I take a deep breath and say "I have some weird ideas and it would take me a hour or so to explain to you why i think the way i do", and I leave it at that 99% of the time. They're not weird actually, not to me anyway, I think they're very sensible, well thought out, and nearer the truth than the commonly held beliefs about all sorts of issues. So where to start....
Do I begin with a string of long words to draw the attention of the midclass brigade, because obviously to them anyone who doesn't say the word "absolutely" and "tantamount" a lot is not worth listening to and is an uneducated scumbag who should be grateful that they get free oxygen to clean public toilets with.
Or do I start with a string of swear words to bring in the sort of readers who would be far more interested if i said the word "fuck" quite often. Well I'm going to do both and for good reason as you'll notice a little later and it has nothing to do with suiting the reader it's just sometimes there is no replacement word you could put in the place of either expropriation or bollocks

So what am I like? Complicated. I’m not sure I know. There’s lots of things I believe I like and tell people I like but I don’t find myself doing them an awful lot. There’s things I tell people I don’t like and find myself doing all the time. So I’m a hypocrite? Nope I don’t believe that. A liar? I hope not because that would mean I’m lying to myself. I’m insane? Quite possibly.
As I’ve said, I’m now forty years old, married and have three children and live in Cambridgeshire after moving from London in 2007.

What I think will be interesting here is the fact that I'm not going to do any research for these subjects at all, a persons opinion is forged by whats in his or her head, opinions should always be changing as mine does. As I learn more about a subject I quite often change my mind about it and what you are going to get is ideas only generated from what I have seen, read, been told and ponderd over, not proven fact. I don't expect many to share my opinion. If it's a popular idea it must be right, correct? A flat earth was popular a while ago and you would need asbestos underpants if you said the earth goes around the sun.

I'm going to cover a mass of subjects and this is a daunting task.

So strap on your seatbelts and extinguish fags, your going on a journey through my head and it’s not a comfortable one!.


1. Consciousness & Time - the start of a rough ride

Firstly let me make myself clear, Consciousness (or a soul if you like), to me is a virtual component of a persons makeup. Think of the internet, it’s there, it really exists, but turn every computer off in the whole world at the same time and it simply disappears, it’s not tangible, you can’t hold the internet in you hand and say here it is, so, turn all the components of the body off and the consciousness just fades away, but while your alive it’s really there.

I was born in July 1969. While working for the Royal Courts of justice in the strand at the grand old age of twenty-two, I took the time to search through their records for any mention of my birth in the newspapers, sadly I found nothing about me at all. The world seemed to be more interested in a couple of guys called Neil Armstrong and Buzz Thingamabob, apparently space exploration was more important than my birth! Since that day space and time understanding has gone through the roof and, given a little inclination, any one of us can read the books that prove that time is a mad, mad concept. Wormholes have been mathematically proven to exist, that’s right, all those daft men with plastic ears glued on that appear in star trek are talking about real fact. Time exists only as a concept to the individual mind, go outside of our own safe world of work, drinking and the odd shag, and the whole idea doesn’t make sense to us anymore.

My brother Graham was born in April 1965, Just over four years before me. So, there he is born and before long he’s running around in the park in Bellingham trying to avoid the dog shit and broken glass, while me, I’m still waiting to be born, that’s a four year wait I had, but the strange thing is, there was no wait, Bang and I’m here. That means as far as I’m concerned those four years just simply didn’t exist. I was born at the beginning of time, my time, and Graham was born at the beginning of his. Given that time is only an individual concept that must mean that really we both had our consciousness start at the same moment and it’s only our perception of the world around us that gives us a date of material birth. So, that understood, doesn’t that mean that everyone who ever lived on the planet has a consciousness that runs from the same starting point. This is not a relay race where you have to wait for the baton to be past to you. This is a race where the starting pistol goes bang and everyone starts running regardless of where on the track you start. Consciousness doesn’t not wait to start! Time does not exist for the unborn.

What we’re talking about here is all times existing at once, it just depends when you were born as to which part of time you see around you and if you take that as red then we can start to explain a lot of those paranormal events that people talk about on dark stormy nights…. I’ll explain all this in another chapter (only if you ask nicely lol)

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