fantasy tale of power struggle in semi ancient society .
The main protagonist is a troubled dreamer grappling with things immediately beyond his ken.


1. The ether leaks.


      A storm was brewing .

          The puppets' revolt was beginning..

                  Many would die.

          The tumult of the old rule rankled rasped and ground like so much junked  metal.

    Hard eyes , hard hearts ,  hard lives spewed the wretched tales .

                Acid .


  Much done , much loathed .

           They .


                The old rule feasted , gorged  and covetted the intoxication of the  viscous spirit of the cursed.

 Grease for theys'  free wheels  .Glue seeping in , choking  the  souls  of the "free".


                Aeons of unheeded lore .

               Wisdom chewed and spat .Glue seeping in.

                Viscous  .


                Parasite .


      A storm was brewing.



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