fantasy tale of power struggle in semi ancient society .
The main protagonist is a troubled dreamer grappling with things immediately beyond his ken.


2. Another day in paradise.

The heat .

Attacking like acid  the nose , choking , burning .

The foulness.

By osmosis to bone .Wretched the pain spikes .Light burning in . Pain radiating outward .

Barely able to gasp , upright bolts Livwit in his bed . The thick leather blanket rolls to his waist . Sweating , the wrinkled ashen  brow of a deeply worried man .Disturbed almost . Panting .Sobriety of morning light anchors a man  lost to reality . Looking around the sunlight targets his face as though crosshairs through the plus shaped metal work on the window. Bang , the shadow is square tween the eyes . The vision again. I know how it is . I can feel what it does . But what the hell is it ? Puzzled and perplexed Livwit pulls himself up on his hands for a second , spins his feet to the grainy dusty wood floor and plants them .Rooted and roused sunlit and sober another day begins. Cherry powder boils .A pipe is filled . Steam rises from the large metal cup .Flame hits powdered leaves in a large bowled  smoking pipe .Steam winds skyward , smoke powers through the room , exhaling as Gods push winds .

The vapours rise blood bound to the brain

.The sun shines brighter  .

The dream subsides.

Chugging down the sugary cherry water at one with the haze an idea ferments.


Busy streets , the market in the distance is  torquing up  momentum to the midday frenzy .From his vantage point the people work in patterns as colours like a virus, feeding , multiplying  .The murmur bubbles  in the distance  , purring as a fine tuned motor.Chaos as order .





    Ancient grainy  wood panels the  walls that  cocoon the high council.

As ancient as the timbers themselves sit the elders of the known world.

 Flat shiny and round the table dominates the council chamber. Fires crackle in each of the four corners of the circular room .North South East and West the flames never die.

Loyal agents gather and stoke as suns rise and set .

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