2013 - How Humanity Survived

2013 - How Humanity Survived the Cataclysm is about how a small group of people survived the cataclysm predicted by the Mayan Calendar to take place on December 21, 2012.


1. Acknowledgements

     I first got the idea for this story while talking to my sister on the telephone in September of 2010. She told me about what people in California have been saying about the Mayan Calendar, specifically whether big changes are expected on and around December 21, 2012, whether another date may be more accurate, and what kinds of changes may be expected. I have met some Mayans in Guatemala and Mexico´s Yucatan Peninsula, but I did not have the opportunity to discuss their ancient calendar with them. Unfortunately, only some aspects of their sophisticated ancient culture have survived five hundred years of often-genocidal oppression, most notable their fantastic, unique architecture, colorful cotton fabrics, and calm, thoughtful attitude to life.

     Magnus Kvalheim and Joram Felbert, whom I have not met yet, encouraged me to send them some of my fiction, and I also want to thank the other people whom I suspect of providing technical support to me and other writers. I want to thank the thousands of people involved in turning a technology originally developed for military purposes into one which we can use to get to know each other better and thus avoid some wars, at least. For those who are not familiar with the history of the computer industry, the first mainframe computers were used to target intercontinental ballistic missiles and the Internet was developed by the Defense Applied Research Projects Agency, or DARPA. Although I have never met Bill Gates, a fellow passenger on a train in India once asked me if I knew him, as I am only a few weeks younger than he is. I learned to use his Microsoft Office word processing program in Uruguay, and sent my first eemails from Cambodia.

     Deshung Rinpoche, His Holiness the Dalia Lama and Noam Chomsky freely shared their wisdom with me, and Dajawn Breaux and several students of Harvey Jackins did the same, for modest fees. They, and many kind people around the world have encouraged me to travel and get to know the world better.

     I started typing this in Chiclayo, Peru in October of 2011, and also wish to thank the people here who have provided me with food, shelter, clothing, and computers that can be rented for less than forty U.S. cents per hour.


Christy Lanzl



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