Chirp the robin

A wonderful story about a robin who gets captured by a girl called Melody. Another girl called Jojo buys the robin but Chirp the robin needs to go back to his eggs. While he trys to go, a cat Brock his wing! While his wing is mending, Jojo and Chirp become best friends! So, while Chirp is gone, Jojo is upset and lonely until Christmas day. At Christmas, Chirp visits Jojo and brings his sons and daughter with him, Jojo is very happy now and gets a macaw and called it Chirp! I'ts a good story, please read it!


4. Chapter 4

…MEOW! The next door neighbours cat sprang and caught Chirp! ‘NOOO!’ shrieked Jojo as she yanked the cat off. Chirp got up agien but this time couldent move his left wing. He brock his wing! An hour later they were at the vets. ’I’m sorry to say but ‘Chirp’ has brock his wing. It will take a week to recover.’ Every day for a week Jojo came in to check on Chirp, They were the best of friends! On the 10th of December, Chirp’s wing was fully recovered. ‘ I will miss you lots.’ Said Jojo crying. ‘ I will miss you too, Jojo’ Said Chirp ‘ But be strong, this is not the last time I’ll see you.’ He said as he flew off. It was a very lonely winter after that. Jojo hardly ever smiled after Chirp’s relese and you would never see her. But when you did she was iver crying or thinking about Chirp. Finaly it got to Christmas eve, and still no sign of Chirp. Jojo diddent care about Christmas or presents, she was still the same. On Christmas day, early in the morning Jojo got dressed and went outside. ‘Chirp!’ Came a little voice. ‘Chirp!’ Came another. ‘Chirp!’ Came a final one. But that time Jojo recognised the voice. She looked up in the sky, ‘CHIRP!’ She screamed. Chirp landed on the fence followed by 2 miniture vertions of him and Chirp carried a little blue basket (robin sized) with another baby in it. Jojo told Chirp everything that happened scince Chirp left. 

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