Chirp the robin

A wonderful story about a robin who gets captured by a girl called Melody. Another girl called Jojo buys the robin but Chirp the robin needs to go back to his eggs. While he trys to go, a cat Brock his wing! While his wing is mending, Jojo and Chirp become best friends! So, while Chirp is gone, Jojo is upset and lonely until Christmas day. At Christmas, Chirp visits Jojo and brings his sons and daughter with him, Jojo is very happy now and gets a macaw and called it Chirp! I'ts a good story, please read it!


1. Chapter 1

“Ahhh! This is the life.” Jojo said happily. She was wrapped up in a warm, red-and-blue blanket in front of the television, watching her favourite TV show: ‘Melody’s little birds’ and carefully sipping some winter spiced tea. Outside there was gleaming, white snow. It was the 1st of December, so Christmas was not long away! Jojo smiled and sighed at the TV, watching all the pretty birds flutter around Melody’s head. “New! We have 10 gorgeous canaries, 2 stunning macaws, 8 amazing cockatoos, and now 15 spectacular baby robins! Come and adopt one at:  54 Denny way, Woking, G63H 7ND. Thank you and that’s it for tonight, but don’t forget to watch ‘the non-pet robins release!’ tomorrow night” Finished Melody as the end credits came up slowly across the screen. ‘OMG! Mum! Mum! Quick!’ Shouted Jojo. Her mother raced in. ‘what!’ She said, sighing. ‘Well, you know you said I could have a pet bird of some sort? Well Melody is giving out pet baby robins! Can I have one!?’ pleaded Jojo. Her mum looked at her. ‘you can’t keep robins as pets! We can get you one to set free. Then I’ll buy you a special surprise bird to keep! We’ll get you the robin tomorrow.’ She said.

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