Her story

Stephanie and her sister Lucy are sent away to the countryside as evacuees from London. They go through a life changing experience. But the question is can they live to tell the tale?

The book is a short story with only four chapters but tells the story of two sisters living in the war.


2. One small step towards the future

When I stood up to wave goodbye I saw just how much unhappness there would be.  When the train station had completly dissapeared i sat down. As i sat down i felt my uncomftable seat sink at least an inch under my thin body. Lucy sat in silence fir the first hal an hour, she just sat and stared out of the window. I could just see myself through the filthy window, i saw my brown hair plaited and a red bow at each end to match my red dress. But Lucy had Yellow bows for her yellow dress. Mum had said that matching bows and dresses meant we were more likely to get picked. 

After looking at myself in the window i actually looked out the window and saw fluffy objects eating grass. I had never seen these creatures before so i thought i'd draw a small picture in my dairy once we got off because my dariy was on the shelf above my head and im to samll to reach for it. Later on my teacher told me that the fluffy creatures were called sheep. My teacher is Mrs Tallie, she is about thirty two and is slightly overweight but she is very kind and never tells any of us off and she gives out sweets to. She is my favourite teacher.

After two hours on the train I asked Mrs to pass me down my bag so i could get out some sweets. I shared my sweets with Lucy and Mary. Then Mary got her sweets out and shared them with me and Lucy. They were the best sweets in the shop all differant colours and tates that melted in your mouth. Mum had bought them for us as a leaving presant we didn't usually get sweets because they were rationed like everything else. 

After two and a bit hours of sitting on the lumby chairs and watching out the muddy window we were there. The train came to a sudden stop and jerked a little waking poor Lucy. But as soon as she realised we were there she got excited a bit and forgot about bumping her head hard on the window. Mrs came up and then told us to make sure we had everything then to follow her. I lifted up Lucy to get hers, Mary's and my case. Which she did.

We got off the train into a blank wilderness with just anaimals for company. There were sheep, Hourses and pigs all around us. We walked down a pebble path to a big hall where brown chairs were placed in rows of six. Our teacher went up to a bald, short ugly looking man. Then came back and told us to sit with siblings and fill up from the front. When we were all sat down on the brown wooden chairs the doors opened and in came what looked like the entire village. I felt worried that mabye I might not go with Lucy or worse that mabye I wouldn't go at all and spend the rest of my time in this big hall.

A tall lady with blue eyes and a big, long red coat she looked so kind with big open eyes. She poonted at me then at Mary and the short man said something then nooded. Then the lady spoke "Come on then you three. I need to know your names aswell". So  all stunned we stood up and said our names in turn, I couldn't belive my luck Lucy and Mary were coming with me.

The shock finally wore off and pleasure was replaced. Suddenly i didn't care that i had spent two and a half hours on a dusty, uncomftable train. I had been picked. Me Stephanie Adram. This was one small step towards a future that i could control. I was going to make the most of this.

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