Collection of Short Stories

It is a small collection of short stories.


3. Journey’s End

The four front lights came on and cast there illumination on the tarmac before them. The driver yawned as he checked the huge ‘Tesco’ lorry; it was going to be a long journey today. For some reason best be known to the management, he had to go from London to John O’Groats. The engine roared into life even though it was a cold frosty morning. “Summers here!” he exclaimed out loud to the world. “You’re right! Get on with it,” said Michael Cross, a man the size of a house and warehouse foreman looked at his watch and read five am. Ben Grandshore turned the giant steering wheel of his juggernaut, and moved onto the main road and headed for Paddington. It started to rain; streams of water gushed away from the wheels and as it poured with the force of a hurricane. “BRITISH WEATHER!” he said sighing inside his warm cabin as another ‘Tesco’ lorry loomed then passed him with ease. Ben had decided to take it easy as he glanced at the board for St John’s Wood; it was a long way to Scotland. “It must be a busy day at Tesco’s,” he thought as three more Lorries zoomed in front of him. It was still raining. Suddenly a local service station displayed itself on the giant blue motorway board. “A mile to my breakfast,” he said as his stomach roared in utter agreement. The lorry park of Chorley services came into view. The engine sighed in relief as Ben turned off it off. He stretched his legs and sat in one of one the main restaurants, and began to sip his white coffee and three sugars. Ben scoffed his fry up of tomatoes, fried bread, two eggs that looked liked plastic ones, three sausage, scrambled egg, a big portion of chips and two hash browns. With a large side salad, to equal out the grease. The big coffee washed it down with a satisfying taste. But he enjoyed it all as he waddled over to the lorry and entered his cabin once more. He smiled as the sun decided to come out of the thunderclouds. A giant rainbow arced over the sky, as the engine bellowed into life. The motorway flowed in front of him like a tarmac stream. Chiswick came and went, he refuelled on the M1 J2, High Hesket zoomed in a rainy blur. He was almost on Gretna Green and Ben turned his cab radio on and listened to BBC radio four. “Market’s in turmoil!” said the newsreader. “Not more money for the banks!” he thought turning the wheel to the right and entering the fast lane and knowing the government would bail them out again and again. Kirkpatrick, Lockerbie and the M73, then M8 passed like a breeze. The bridge of Alan was suddenly there, he sighed as Dunblane finally came onto the board. His dinner was in sight as a ‘Harry Ramden’s’ came clear out of some low mist. The ‘fish and chips’ tasted great with the red and brown sauce mixture was a great idea. He entered the lonely lay by just a few miles before Wick and stopped for the night. The engine purred like a cat just for a moment as Ben fell into sleep. It was a cool quiet night. Ben fell into a deep sleep inside his warm cabin. Suddenly once everything was quiet, the juggernaut began to glow an eerie green. As the light leapt around the whole truck like it was drawing it in precise detail. Suddenly the ghostly shape of the juggernaut rose into the air, it was a Multi-Morph able to become an exact copy of any shape and leave behind an exact copy it occupied. It was perfect in every detail, until it became solid and floated above the truck below it. The windscreen of the new lorry turned crimson as it hummed and gave a strange song like a whale to the sky. Its wheels turned smooth as was its body, the ‘Tesco’ logo merged into a pigmentated red random shape. Suddenly it turned to the starry night, and with a flash of crimson light; was gone, riding the deep dark stars with its own form of wrap drive. The space whale left earth having gained its earthly feed of energy. It sang its song of space, to its system home. Far, far away the sound returned to the lonely naut, it smiled knowing its family wasn’t too far away. The End.

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