Blade Bone: Snake Rattle


1. The Day That Changed My Life

It was a Sunday afternoon in the middle of autumn and a storm was brewing outside. Dad was in his workshop, "trying" to invent something. Mum was in the kitchen, cooking her luxurious rhubarb pie. And I was in the living room on my laptop, when i saw a mysterious figure walk down our tiny path from the gate to the door. I noticed he had a letter in his hand, which he posted though the letterbox. I went to go and see whom the letter was addressed to and it had my name on it in bright red ink. So I picked up the letter and opened it.  I unfolded the letter and released it was secret when it had a stamp saying MI7 in the top right-hand corner. I ran upstairs and looked at it in my room.

When i read the letter it said:   

Dear Blade Bone,                              

                               You have been chosen by the highest authority to go on a secret mission for the sake of Great Brittan and many other countries around the world. An secret organization called Snake Rattle have been causing havoc for the last few months. But now they are working on a secret weapon, which we are sure, will reek havoc on the world. The resin you have been chosen for this mission is because all are other spies are known by the organization and it would be too risky to send them any were within 1 mile of the place in which we believe is there base for the weapon. You must rendezvous with agent F at the old football stadium at 1100 hours. He will give you the deeper briefing and some training for the mission. You are not allowed to tell any one what your doing or were your going.                               

           Yours sincerely                                                        

                  Agent Q

I knew I had to go to meet this Agent F but I didn’t know how I would get out of school the next day at that point my mum came into the room and said "there’s no school for you tomorrow son some teacher training day or something" then mum went back to baking down stairs. I knew this would have had something to do with MI7 as I knew it wasn’t happening before I got the letter.

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