Adam Wilson is on a motorcycle tour in Europe when a strange object ruins his trip.

Encounter is part 1 of 3 short stories, they are the prequel to my science fiction novel 'Splinter'.


4. Hospital

Adam was having trouble focusing on the ceiling, he tried to move and found he was in a bed, sitting up he found his right leg was plastered and there were various parts of his body bandaged. A nurse looked in and he called her over “Nurse! Why is my leg plastered? I didn't break it!” she looked puzzled and went out of the room, she came back a few minutes later followed by what Adam assumed was a doctor.

“Hello Mr Adam Wilson, how are you feeling today?” Said the doctor.

“Fine” replied Adam “But extremely confused, why is my leg plastered? And where am I?”

The doctor looked at the nurse then back to Adam, “You are in the Centro Hospitalar in Lisbon, you have broken your leg and have other injuries, including a head one that has been worrying us.  Are you sure you feel ok?”

“Look I'm absolutely fine, my head feels a bit light but other than that I'm fine, how did I get here?”

“You crashed on the road from Chaves to Boticas, the local hospital was worried because of your head injury and sent you here. From what we were told about the state of your motorcycle helmet you are lucky to be alive!”

Adams mind raced, what the hell? That is not what happened, something made him keep his mouth shut and play dumb, he asked “Is my mobile around? I'd like to let some people know what has happened.”

The doctor shrugged, “Its in the top drawer next to you, but the battery is probably flat, we did contact your wife as she is listed as next of kin in your passport, but she did not seem interested we are sad to say, but she did give us the number of a friend of yours, David, he was here up until a couple of days ago then had to go home. We will let him know you are awake, we have his number.” I'm going to have to change the next of kin in my passport thought Adam, then he realised what the doctor had said “Wait a minute, Dave was here until a few days ago? How long have I been here?”

The doctor thought for a moment, “You were in the local hospital for 3 days and then brought here, you have been here for 15 days.”

18 days!! I've been unconscious for 18 days, something is not right, unless I dreamt it all, but it seems so real. Adam lay back and did not listen to any more the doctor had to say, after a few minutes he gave up and left Adam alone, his throat was dry and he leaned over to get a glass of water from the cabinet, as he did a man came into his room and shut the door. The man was very well dressed and had a cut glass English accent.

“Ah, Mr Wilson, you are awake at last, what do you remember about the” he paused “accident?”

“And who are you?” asked Adam.

“Me? I'm Mr Smith, from the insurance company, I need to make a report about what happened, so far all we have is a report that you left the road in the mountains at high speed, but not why. You were very lucky Mr Wilson, your motorcycle fell 500 meters to the ground, you hit a tree about 100 meters down which undoubtedly saved your life.” He paused then carried on “The Guarda Nacional Republicana or GNR, want to prosecute you for loads of offences, they have witnesses that claim you were drunk and on drugs in a bar about 30 minutes before the accident.” Another pause, “I also have to say that they found a large quantity of various drugs in your pockets and wish to know where you got them from.”

Adams head was spinning, he did not understand what was going on here, but before he could speak Smith started again.

“I do urge you to remember Mr Wilson, that the GNR's are a military force and they do not like being messed about, if you go to court over these drugs, you will go to prison for a long time. Think about that for a moment.”

Panic was now rising in Adam, he was being set up, but why? “Ok, Mr Smith, I really dont remember a lot anyway, so what do you want me to do?”

“Thats the attitude we like Mr Wilson, all you have to do is remember that you have been in an accident and lost some memory.” Pause, “If you stick to that, you will find that the drug problem will go away and the insurance payout will be very handsome, if you do 'remember' anything I would advise you to keep it to yourself.” Pause, “You would probably not be believed and the GNR might issue a warrant for your arrest.”

“Is that a threat?” Said Adam.

The man smiled, he reminded Adam of a shark that had just seen an easy meal, “I never make threats, Mr Wilson.”

Adam smiled back “Just who are you really?”

The smile disappeared “That is not the sort of question you should ask” Again that smile, “If I told you, I would have to kill you.”

Adam's face slowly lost its smile as he realised the man meant it. Adam coughed and spoke up “Fair enough, I'll be quiet.”

“Good!” Said Mr Smith, “Just sign this waver and we will arrange for you to be taken home, I'm sure if nothing is heard in the next few weeks, that the insurance money will appear very quickly as well”. With that he turned and left the room, leaving the door open this time.

The doorbell broke Adam out of his afternoon doze, he was due to have the cast off in Epsom hospital tomorrow, he could not wait, he had gone far too long without riding one his bikes, Dave had serviced the Z900 for him and it was waiting for him in Daves garage. Grabbing his crutches he made his way to the door of his flat, Dave and Tommy were standing there with a box.

“What this?”he asked them.

Tommy answered him “Oh its your stuff from Portugal, they finally send it over, we just met the courier downstairs. You ready for the off tomorrow then?”

Adam nodded his head enthuiasticly, ten weeks in a cast was along time and it was driving him nuts, the doctors in Epsom had been puzzled though, the break so very clean, as if it had been done by a surgeon. They could also find no trace of his allegded head injury, but they put that down to concussion. Adam told the guys to dump the box in the front room.

Dave was speaking as he unpacked the box and started fiddling with something inside, “I still think we ought to go back to the Baragem on a run, all the club together, seriously mate you missed a treat there, I loved it!”

Adam sighed whistfully, “Yes mate,” he responded, “I'd love to, thats a good idea.”

Dave was staring at something in the box, he looked up at Adam, “Ok Adam tell me what really happened in Portugal?”

Adam looked confused “What are you on about?”

Dave pulled out Adams camera, “I was just flicking through the photos on your camera, I thought I'd pull the memory card and print out some of the photos for you, then noticed there were 4 photos on the internal memory of the Baragem, how could you have taken those particular ones if you never got to Paradela?”

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