Betrayal By friends

Rosie is an american girl who lost her father when she was still young. She lives with her rich mum. But this all changes on a trip to England. Will she ever get out of the endlesss trap?


2. Suprise

As we all got into mums limo I thought Harry is coming really then I thought I suppose its fair if I get to bring friends why cant she? But she is the grown up this is my treat if I knew Harry was going to come I wouldn’t have brought Natalie, Clare, Joanna or even Lilly. Okay maybe I was being harsh but it came as a big shock mum had never brought anyone home let alone on Vacation most probably to an overseas location. The limo took us to Malibu airport. The airport was a big white building with several windows on the outside.  I had never been to Malibu airport whenever I had been abroad mum always took me to another airport in Malibu (because that’s where she keeps our private jet). But this time it was different she had Harry which made all the difference. 

When inside the airport we quickly rushed through security and to a waiting area. There were no shops around. No. We had gone past all of those. A tall man with short jet black hair and green eyes came out and greeted us. “Hello guys today I will be your pilot any problems let me know. We are due to depart in 20 minuets so you can all board the plane now. Oh yeah and by the way my names is Cameron” 

Cameron looked about twenty with outstanding features everything about him was flawless the way his jet black hair was cut back appropriately the way his eyes glinted if you looked in the right way from the sun. His voice was also one of kindness and also loss but why loss I don’t think I’ll ever know. 

We followed Cameron to the plane where we walked up stairs like a famous person might and we went into the plane. The plane had about fifteen seats all black leather and enough space to recline all the way back the seats faced each other not one behind the other like on a normal plane.

A air hostess greeted “Hey guys nice to see you all my names Charlie and im gonna be your air hostess for the flight anything you need just give me a shout and I’ll bring it of course nothing costs because this is Ms. Snakeways private plane so enjoy.”

Charlie’s voice was full of energy and warmth she was one of those people who no matter what the situation she would lit the room up with her personality alone. Her appearance was also one of wonders with her lovely long chestnut hair scraped back into a pony tail that hung down to her waist and her lightly tanned skin. She wore not visible make-up properly because she was beautiful without any!

I sat down on one of the end chairs and put my seat upright for take off. I got my puzzle book and my I-pod out of my bag and started at the puzzles and turned on the music to the play list which had Taylor swift and Avril Lagine in it.

Pretty soon we were in the air. That’s when mum pulled out a broacher and gave it to us so at that point I took off my headphones and put my puzzle book down. Mum then further instructed us to turn to page twelve so we did. 

On the page it was a big picture of Big Ben the clock in London and other stuff to do with England then it clicked “are we going to England mum?” “Yes loves we are were going to stay with Harry’s parents in Trowbridge its in Wiltshire. You’re all going to love it” The others were all very excited but me? No. All I thought was why we would be staying with Harry’s parents when we could easily afford a five star hotel in London, not so crummy place.

The flight took eleven hours and thirty minuets al together. But it felt shorter because I must have fell asleep dreaming about Harvey or Jasper or whoever he was now.  It wasn’t a clear dream it was just a thought no more no less.

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