The Wings Trilogy: Temptation

Gold Winner of the First Love contest: When Laya meets a new boy at school, and they become friends. But when she learns something about him she can't tell anyone. The fact that he has wings, and he is an Olympian. He is a God, and not any God, a God of something everyone will find.


3. Salute

We packed everything into the car, and left the caravan site. We drove in silence, Mum and Dad listening to their CDs. Me listening to the music on my phone. So far, describing everything about myself. I wouldn't seem like the type of person to be into music like Paramore, 30 seconds to Mars and of course Green Day. But then I like stuff like Leona Lewis, Miley Cyrus and obviously Taylor Swift. I was listening to her song 'Fifteen'. I listen to this song as much, I’m singing in front the whole school for the talent show. And in just a week, HELP. Why did I sign up? I can sing. I just don't have the nerve to stand up in front of about a thousand people. Yes you heard me, A THOUSAND PEOPLE. I attend Hugh Christie Technology College. It's a secondary school, but sixth formers attend there also, with them one thousand, two hundred. They probably call it that so it sounds fancier. I looked out of the tinted windows of the Volkswagen, only to see the motor way. That and forests that line the side of car filled road. Luckily, and surprisingly there was no traffic jams. Lucy and Susan were asleep as usual, the only time they aren't asleep is when they are hungry or dirty. As the white darkness drew closer, I became more and more worried about the snow. We finally drove over the metal bars, I never knew what they were called. I immediately stopped listening to my music, and looked out of the window. I saw the forest was covered with freshly fallen snow, I smiled. Thank goodness I have my camera. The horses were galloping along side the car, turning the snow behind them into powder. When we came to the car park, I was surprised to see that there was barely any other cars parked there. Or anywhere in fact. I pulled on my beanie hat and scarf. I checked my bag if I had everything, yep I did. “Okay see ya later,” my parents trust me to go on my own. “Alright, be back here at 3:00,” my mother called back to me it's 12:00. “Alright,” and rushed to the high street. It wasn't really big, but one thing that made it better was the fact that there were half a dozen horses. I dapple grey mare walked up to me, I recognised her. She's been here since I was nine. But she was only a foal then, I’ve watched her grow. “Hey girl, recognise me?” She put her head against my hand, I stroked her strong neck. She neighed softly, and lowered her head slightly. I looked into her brown bronze eyes, I never wanted to leave her here, I wanted to take her home. Each year I get more and more worried. Every year, they sell some of the horses to people. So each year I hope and pray that she doesn't get sold. Snow fell softly, and landed on her soft coat. I've always had a connection with animals, since I was little, horses here would follow me. I used to think it was weird, but now I think it's kinda cool. She went to stand with the other horses, she knows my routine. I went in to the shops, they were all so different. One is called 'Old Shed,' that was a clothing and accessory shop. Then there's The Burley Store, which is a café. But then there's my favourite shop, 'Witchcraft.' That sold dragon statues, witchcraft books, and spiritual wolf stuff. I looked curiously at a dream catcher, made of the feathers of several wild birds. And was made of the oak tree that was hundreds of years old. And it was tied and sown together with the horse hair of the mare outside. I pulled out my purse, I had a tenner. And I saw it was £15, I sighed, clamped my purse shut. That's what I get for shopping in Poole Pottery, expensive, but very nice. I walked out the door, and found my parents with Lucy and Susan standing outside. It had been hours, I'd lost track of time. “Ready to go?” my dad asked. I nodded, “Come on then.” Holding Lucy and Susan's hand, he seemed to skip to the car. Mum trailed behind us, as we got back into the car. I slouched in the car seat and turned resumed listening to music. I looked back to the mare, she bowed. I bowed my head slightly, she stood to her feet, and reared in the air. Her mane flowed in the wind, the snow whirlwind around her, like a snow storm. As the car drove away, she walked besides it, until it became too fast. She watched me leave, it's always been tough to leave her. But this time, it felt as if I wasn't going to see her again.

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