The Wings Trilogy: Temptation

Gold Winner of the First Love contest: When Laya meets a new boy at school, and they become friends. But when she learns something about him she can't tell anyone. The fact that he has wings, and he is an Olympian. He is a God, and not any God, a God of something everyone will find.


9. Preparing

At lunch, I left for the canteen. I think I can beat a human, if I could punch a hole through metal. Laya kept on telling me that I don't have to go through with this. But they insulted her, how could I just leave it. She's an acquaintance, or maybe even a friend. The others were following us behind Laya, she was walking next to me. The canteen didn't have another floor above it, so it felt really open. There was a bunch of those hooligans, including the one that threatened me. I don't get it, I didn't do anything, I just said she doesn't own the school. My wings were flickering under my clothing, they could sense danger, they wanted to fly away. Even though I could easily beat him, I couldn't or people would get suspicious about how strong I was. Laya stood firmly in front of me, “Cupid. Stop, you don't have to do this!” She yelled at me, she startled me. My wings twitched, Conner walked over. “So are you fucking ready?” I nodded. And he walked through the doors that lead outside. Laya walked next to my side, we walked pass all the benches and window on either side of my eyes. Following Conner and Abbey who were holding hand and hand. We walked down the pavement step and down to grass. Conner dropped his bag on the grass and stretched his knuckles, hands and legs. “Cupid please don't do this, for me.” She was begging me now, her hands on my shoulders. “Laya I'm doing this for you,” I dropped my bag on the grass. Clara, Zoe, Chloe, Sam, Samuel and Tom were standing a few metres away. I flexed my arms, I looked at Conner. His dark brown eyes stared at me, he walked towards me. He threw his fist at me but missed. The fight had began.

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