The Wings Trilogy: Temptation

Gold Winner of the First Love contest: When Laya meets a new boy at school, and they become friends. But when she learns something about him she can't tell anyone. The fact that he has wings, and he is an Olympian. He is a God, and not any God, a God of something everyone will find.


1. Morning Sickness

Winter coldness spread across England, even to the south. I looked out of my window to see a spell of darkness, and rain. The once snow covered grass, now just grey sludge. I just sighed, seeing my favourite place in the world covered in wet snow, just made me sad. I was currently on a caravan site in Poole. Ever since I was a baby, for New Years, we would come to this same caravan for a whole week. Me, my parents and my younger twins, Susan and Lucy. They were both six months old. They've just joined the tradition. My Mum grew up here, but she moved to a small town in Kent called Edenbridge. And she still lives there to this day, she met Dad when she went to the secondary school in Edenbridge. But it's been knocked down, so I never got the chance to see where my parents met. They've still got photos from their old year books, but it wasn't the same. The sun was rising dimly from the horizon, that signalled that I was allowed to leave the sofa (I had to sleep on the sofa due to Susan and Lucy.) I jumped off the sofa cushions, walked pass the kitchen and into the bathroom. I was excited, the last day we would always visit Burley in The New Forest. Burley is mostly known for having wild horses roaming in the streets. I slept in my worn out blue jeans, and my casual blue shirt. Must of fell asleep while reading. I brushed my teeth, washed my face and neck, and rushed back into the living room. And threw myself back onto the sofa, my phone burst into life. I took it from the coffee table, and slid it open. I got a message from Zoe, I've known Zoe for about five years now. Since I was eleven, I’m fifteen at the moment, sixteen later this month, January. 'Hey Laya, got a dog at last. See you tomorrow.” I sat back in the sofa. About time, she's been saying she's getting a puppy for months. I put the phone into my pocket, and took the TV remote from the coffee table, and switched on the BBC news. Hearing of more and more reports of heavy snow in Scotland and Northern Ireland made me worried. The snow was coming closer and closer to us, but hopefully it would hold off until we got back to Edenbridge. The book I was reading last night lay next to my pillow, 'Marley and Me.' I love that film, and now I can say that I love the book. I'm a bit of a bookworm. Give the option to use a computer or read a book after we finish all our work in lesson, I would go for the book. The rain outside was gone, and the sun was rising higher in the sky. When the weather forecast came on, I crossed my fingers for the snow to hold off until we got home. As I watched, I became for anxious. There is one thing that has always baffled me, how can they predict the weather. I know they use satellites and stuff like that, but they're so accurate. A weight came off my shoulders when the snow was shown drifting towards Cornwall and not to Kent. I relaxed back in the foam like sofa cushions, and shut my eyes. Birds outside twittered to the rising to the sun, beautiful natural silence, the best kind in my opinion. But that silence was broken by the bedsprings from my parents room, Mum was up. She always tends to be up before Dad. She came in through the kitchen and into the living room. I shut off the TV, and looked up at her, she was rested for once. “So, what's the weather forecast?” she yawned. She stretched her arms up into the air, “No snow, and no rain luckily.” I replied. She sat next to me on the sofa, and resumed yawning. “Jeez, brush your teeth Mum,” fanning the smell away with my hand. It was just a joke, but they did smell a little bit. “You can talk,” she said coying me. I rolled my eyes, “I've already brushed my teeth.” I shot back, “Alright,” as she tussled my hair. I immediately combed my hair straight with my fingers. “Hey, it's bad enough it takes me half an hour to brush my hair when I get up.” She laughed, and she got back up onto her feet. She suddenly looked really pale, and she ran to the bathroom. I ran after her, but she slammed the door behind her, “Are you alright Mum?” I heard her throw up, lovely. I decided to leave her, I would rather not the image in my head of my Mum throwing up into a toilet. I rummaged through the cupboards in the kitchen until I came to a box of Cheerios. Got a bowl out of another cupboard, and a spoon out of the cutlery draw. Dropped everything on the table and got the milk out of the fridge. I heard a yawn, “So, where your Mother?” I turned to see Dad stretching, “She's throwing up in the bathroom.” He looked at me as if I was making a unfunny joke. “She is,” I insisted, he went to the bathroom. I tipped the Cheerios into the bowl and poured the milk on the top. Then started to eat to tiny Os, and read the box's packaging. The brain teasers tend to be too easy, I know they are for people much younger. But when I was eight I could solve these in a minute, maybe two. It's a waste of time to put a word search on the back. What child would get a pen and do it, the cereal would probably all fall out it you tilted the box. Even if you closed the top securely, they are still bound to fall out. When I finished, I put the spoon and bowl in the sink, the milk back in the fridge and the cereal back in the cupboard. With nothing to do, I went to my suitcase and rummaged it, and found yet another book. Marley and Me, was the third book I’ve read so far this week. For me that's not many in a week, but I've been seeing the sights. The book I pulled out was a classic, the Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. I've lost count of how many times I’ve read this book. I've loved this book for as long as I can remember. I resumed my position on the sofa and began to read. Luckily I have a library card, so I can read as much as I want. Well read whatever I haven't read already, that's not much. Mum and Dad came out of the bathroom as I finished the first chapter. I pulled the bookmark from the back of Marley and Me, and slotted it into the pages. “You alright Mum?” she looked at me and nodded. She did have a lot more colour in her cheeks, and she wasn't covered in sick, (lovely). They sat in the kitchen, and drank their coffee. I resumed reading yet again. After a while Mum and Dad left to see Susan and Lucy. I don't enjoy living in responsibility, because I'am the eldest means that means I have to always be well behaved. I want to get out of this life, live in another country for just a day. To live the life someone with a much simpler life. I can understand that my life isn't that bad. But for just a day, a day that I can live as if I was someone else.

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