The Wings Trilogy: Temptation

Gold Winner of the First Love contest: When Laya meets a new boy at school, and they become friends. But when she learns something about him she can't tell anyone. The fact that he has wings, and he is an Olympian. He is a God, and not any God, a God of something everyone will find.


6. Morning of Nervousness

I woke up wide awake, a orange glow bleed through the blue curtains. I sat up and crawled over to the ladder, and dropped myself to the ground. Momentarily, I went to the bathroom. Washed, brushed my teeth, and used the loo. All of which took 10 minutes, quickly realising the time, I rushed to my wardrobe. And pulled out a draw, and changed into my uniform. Black trousers (cause I don't like skirts), white socks, black flats, white blouse and a black cardigan. The time was 6:54, I had to leave at 7:15 at the latest. I grabbed my leather bag, emptied it, and filled it with my pencil case and books. Grabbed my phone which lay on my desk were I emptied everything on, and shoved it into my bag. I threw the bag on the floor as I put my guitar in it's plastic blue case. Went downstairs with my leather bag over my shoulders, and guitar in my hand. Put everything by the door, and looked in the mirror there. Brushed my hair in a rush, and tied it back in a loose ponytail. And went to the kitchen, my Mum was there making a sandwich. “Mum, you didn't have to do that,” I said as I grabbed a pack of chewing gum from the cupboard along with a pack of crisp, and a two cereal bars (cause I haven't had any breakfast.) She passed me the sandwich in a bag, took this to the front door, and shoved it in my bag. “Alright, Laya.” She called to me from the kitchen as she came over, I looked up at her. “Today I want you to come straight home, I need to tell you something.” I pulled my bag over my shoulder, and grasped the guitar case in my hand, “Alright.” I said, confused, she kissed me on the cheek. “Okay, see ya later,” “Bye.” I called as I shut the door behind me, I pulled my phone out of my bag and put in my headphones. Started to walk to the bus stop as I pushed play on the same song. It was 7:12, I could make it still. I walked down the passage way, and along the pavement until I came to the road. Looked both ways, and closed, walking onto a patch of grass with a tree growing proudly at the side. I came to a junction, I don't cross at the light, I cross a bit closer. And walked around a corner, and saw the Co-op. My bus stop is at the Co-op, which is weird. I walked over, and stood under a tree which grew there for decoration. A moment later, the bus came. I waited for it to stop, and went over to it. As everyone pushed their way to the steps, I rolled my eyes. There's no point, he asked the year sevens for their passes, he didn't ask me, he's known me for years. I went further up the back, and sat down. Putting my guitar on the seat next to me, and my bag next to me. I looked out of the window, only to see a car park. As he drove off all the year sevens erupted in noise. I turned up my music, and continually looked out the window. By the time we came to the school, most the seats were full, but not mine. On a bus, it's like I territory thing having two seats. As the bus drove through the automatic green gate, the bus swarmed. Everyone stood up and got out of their seats, when I finally got out of my seat, I saw Clara, Zoe, Chloe, Sam, Tom and Samuel. All of them standing on the grass, Sam and Chloe hand in hand. Zoe ran up to me and clinched me, Clara joined to it was a group hug. I laughed, “So  how was your Christmas's guys?” I asked all of them. They all told  story about the families as we walked to the Science department. The school is basically a massive 'E', the side back of it is the Drama department and the lunch room downstairs, and upstairs was the music department, the Technicians and the staff room. The upper line is the 'REAL' department, basically where the years seven live for their first year. And upstairs the ICT department, the middle line is the Science department, and upstairs is the English department. The lower line is the Technology department, and the upper line is Languages, Art and Humanities department. Physical Education is at the bottom left corner of the whole 'E', when the bell went we all went to the Music department. With all of them telling me it's about time I’m singing in front of them. We all went into the room, there are six desks, all of the desks have five keyboards and chairs. All the boys and Chloe sit at one desk, and me, Zoe and Clara sitting at another. They all took a seat, I went to the office were the Music teacher Mrs Pathberiya was sitting down at her desk. She stood up when she saw me, “Ah Laya, so are you ready?” She asked in knowing I was nervous. I nodded, “Alright then.” She led me to the main Music room, I heard Zoe shushing everyone. When they all became silent, I grabbed my guitar from my case, and sat on the chair at the front of the class. “Laya what are you singing?” Mrs. Pathberiya asked, even though she knew. “Do I really need to say, everyone knows,” I strummed at the guitar I started to play. My nerves were calming down, seeing there was nothing to be scared of. Cheering, Zoe smiled all the way through, making me smile.

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