The Wings Trilogy: Temptation

Gold Winner of the First Love contest: When Laya meets a new boy at school, and they become friends. But when she learns something about him she can't tell anyone. The fact that he has wings, and he is an Olympian. He is a God, and not any God, a God of something everyone will find.


10. Fight!

I could barely watch, why was he doing this for me. I wanted to watch so I could see if he was alright, but didn't encase he's hurt, Conner is quite tough. Shaking, I forced myself to watch. Cupid didn't seem scared or at all worried of being beaten up, as if he knew he was going to win. Conner stabbed a fist into Cupid's ribs, his friends cheered at the sight of Cupid in pain, I shuddered. How is pain something to celebrate, it's something to avoid. But if it does happen, by accident I hope, I should be healed. Cupid clung onto his stomach, wounded. There wasn't any blood, but I can sense pain around me, and that was on my radar, at the top of the rating. Hunched over, Cupid peered up at Conner, him standing with a tall straight back. Proud of his achievement, to harm another human being, which is barbaric. But as if he was an animal prowling, Cupid lashed out his anger. Pushing Conner to the ground, surprised at his strength. Cupid walked away, but Conner wasn't that easily beaten. He came back to his feet, and leapt onto Cupid's back, arms around his neck. My hands were covering my mouth in shock, Cupid turned his neck at Conner. Grabbed his arms, and whipped him back to the floor, back on the floor. A massive crack sounded from him, painful, deserves him right. But he swung out his leg, tripping Cupid. With his opponent on the floor, Conner started punching his face, repetitively. It was then that a teacher eventually showed up, pulling Conner from Cupid. Revealing his face, broken, bruised and blood covered. Conner was taken to see the Headmaster, while Cupid was taken to the Nurse. And obviously, I followed. The Nurse cleaned the wounds, and the blood. She left for a minute, leaving us alone. “Cupid, you didn't have to do that,” “But I wanted to.” He shot back out, looking at me, with protective eyes. “But why?” I simply asked. The look in his eyes didn't shift or soften or harden. He just sat back comfortably in his chair, “I just feel protective over you. You seem different to all the others,” I smiled. “Well you got that right, I've always be different. Looked at differently, judged differently, people only know half the story. No-one knows the whole story, except me obviously.” I stood and looked at a diagram on the wall of the human body, distracting myself from the story as well. “So, what is the whole story?” he stood up next to me, curious. “Well,” he breathed out suddenly. “I don't think I know you that well to tell you that, no-one else knows. So my other friends would think I'm treating you differently, I never want that.” I looked at him, he was smiling. “So you think me as a friend now?” I smiled at the obvious question. “Of course, you beat someone up because they took the piss out of me. I don't think strangers randomly do that for other people,” he nodded, looking at the floor. “Of course,” he smiled at me. He was beautiful, the way he talks, he sounds so elegant. Though I know he wouldn't take interest in me, except as a friend.

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