The Saga: New Found Freedom

Freya is an ordinary farmer girl, but when her Uncle kills a dragon in his land. She runs away, but she meets Prince Arthur of Camelot and Merlin. She realizes her powers, and uses them to good use. But there is still one question that has never been answered. Who are her real parents?


5. Merlin-The Ambush

She finally woke up, she looked very confused, I don't blame her. “Ah my head,” she groaned. She tried to sit up, “I don't think so,” I settled her head back down onto the pillow. I'd put her on my bed, it's not like I'm going to sleep with her injured. “What happened?” she asked in a moan. “You fainted at the stroke of midnight, probably your powers kicking in.” She rolled her eyes, “Obviously, is it the morning?” I nodded, “Good I can go outside.” She pulled herself to her feet with ease, “Why do you want to go outside so much?” I asked her, “Merlin, I just harnessed one of nature's most powerful gift. I need to use it for good,” she began to leave, I chased after her. Until we came in front of a Knight of Camelot, “Arthur wishes you to prepare the horses. We ride for the northern border, he also said that Freya may come.” He left both of us, “Let's go.” Freya said, she rushed to the stables, when I finally caught up with her. She had already prepared her horse, I tacked Arthur's horse, she did help me which made it seem faster. By the time we finished my horse, Arthur and four Knights were in the Courtyard. But Arthur was the only one without a horse, I lead mine and his horse out. Freya had already mounted her horse, walking it next to Arthur. “Merlin, about time,” I rolled my eyes. He mounted his horse, and him and the Knights rode off. Freya waited for me, “Where are we going?” I shrugged my shoulders, “I have no idea.” I settled into my horse's saddle and galloped out of Camelot. Freya's horse was very fast, much faster than mine, but my horse was carry lots of stuff. We finally caught up with the Knights and Arthur, none of the Knights recognised Freya. And Arthur had noticed, “Guys this is Freya by the way. She was the one that claimed she was with Prince David.” She rolled her eyes and smiled, she rode right net to Arthur. “I didn't claim, I was with him, get it right.” Her horse trotted it front of all the others, Arthur laughed quietly. I heard some of the Knights discussing Freya, all of their comments were the same. 'Beautiful', 'Gorgeous' and one of them said 'Heavenly'. I rolled my eyes, but the fact that she's a farmer's daughter will put them off. It was then I noticed, I rode for Freya who was further in front. “Freya?” I asked for her attention, “Yes.” She accepted my presence, “If you were left with your aunt and uncle, did they ever tell you who your parents were?” She shook her head, “No, I wish they did though. It would be interesting to meet them, wondering if having a werewolf and a vampire as parents would have affected my father.” She laughed faintly, that wouldn't be normal, vampires and werewolves are immortal enemies. But I wonder why those two saw things differently, probably through their love for each other. Arthur rode Hengroen next to Freya’s horse, which name was Moonstone I remember her mentioning. “So, where are we going?” she asked the Prince. “We heard word that Prince David of Cintalonta was kidnapped, and King Cenrid of Malumas wants him dead. So we're travelling to the Northern border, that's where they're heading.” “Who?” Freya fired away, “The Assassins.” Everything suddenly fell silent, Arthur has known David since they were infants. That's probably why he's searching for him so desperately, I don't blame him. When I was little, I used to live in Cintalonta, I had a best friend. We used to play in the fields all day, until one day, when I was eight. I moved to Albian, I haven't seem them since. Freya looked over her shoulder, she smiled at me. I felt like I could trust her, she did know the single secret that could get me burnt at the stake. But I did know the fact that she was a shapeshifter, so, we both keep quiet. Or the other spills the secret wide open, but she wasn't the type to blackmail. Freya has a purity, of nature, that probably came with her gift. The only thing that came with my gift was the fact that I have to live up to everyone else’s expectations. People expect me to achieve so much, just because can use magic naturally. I'm under pressure, under all the layers of the Earth. Arthur held up his hand, Hengroen stood still, and so the other horses followed. Everyone looked around in search of something that caused the slightest sound. It was then I noticed that Freya didn't look around she stared at a tree, as fast a lightning. An masked man jumped from behind the tree, holding a long sharp silver sword in his hand. The Knights dismounted their horses, but they were ambushed by a dozen masked men. They we're also grasping at their swords, a sudden battle broke out. A masked man ran towards me, I reached out for a large branch that had fallen off a tree. And blocked his swinging attack, I muttered a few words. And his sword became orange, until it was burning his hands. He dropped it, and ran for cover. All the knights were unconscious, and all the masked men were dead, but the one that just ran from me. He seized Freya by the neck, and pointed his sword at her neck. “One more step, and she dies.” Prince Arthur didn't dare move, neither did I. Freya didn't look the slightest scared, she just rolled her eyes. It was then I remembered that she has an almighty strength. When she was unconscious, I read about Shapeshifters. In their human forms, they have the strength of a bear. But obviously, Freya doesn’t know it until she is faced with a life ending danger. Nor can she realise her power to shift into a massive animal like a dragon. She is just a helpless if she wasn't given this gift. “What do you want?” Arthur asked the masked man. “Your death,” he spat. Throwing Freya to the ground, I rushed to her side. Her head lay against a pile of leaves that I placed there with magic just before her head hit the ground. The curtains that hide her colour changing eyes was closed, her emotions her hidden. The leaves had made no difference, a sharp stone had slit the surface of her skull. Blood dripped slowly, causing a small pool of blood to emerge. Arthur didn't see luckily, he would go mental. He was sword fighting the masked warrior, he looked very skilled with a sword. His reactions against Arthur were slow though, Arthur had got him to the ground. His sword against his chest, I looked away. But I heard a slash against the masked man's chest. Arthur immediately ran to Freya's side, he drove his sword into the ground as he rushed over. Freya was stirring in her sleep, her head gently swaying from side to side occasionally. Arthur removed his gloves and felt her forehead, “She's sweating like hell. She's frozen,” he lifted her so she was sitting up. His right hand on the back of her head to support her. The sky above was very bright but we were in the density of the forest, “We need to heal her. Merlin go back to the forest and find Gaius, he'll know what to do.” I nodded, mounted my horse and galloped as fast as the wind could carry me.
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