The Saga: New Found Freedom

Freya is an ordinary farmer girl, but when her Uncle kills a dragon in his land. She runs away, but she meets Prince Arthur of Camelot and Merlin. She realizes her powers, and uses them to good use. But there is still one question that has never been answered. Who are her real parents?


3. Merlin-Let the Adventure Begin

I rode felling really uncomfortable carrying loads of dead birds on my back on a horse. I know it's my job, but it's still disgusting. Arthur in front of me on his horse rode with nothing on his back, except Armour. He looked back at me, I had fell back a bit. “Merlin, hurry up. We should be back at Camelot in two hours, we shouldn't be hunting in Cintalonta.” I rolled my eyes, “Then why are we here. I thought you were going to see Prince David?” He sighed as if he was disappointed, “He wasn't in Abractus. His mother said he had left for personal reasons.” Arthur's horse, Hengroen, suddenly stopped. And lifted his head, “Whoa, what is it Hengroen?” His horse has been trained to stop for the tiniest sounds, it's like a Knight of Camelot in a horse form. His horse followed it's instincts and my horse trailed behind. I began to hear calling, of a name. “David. David,” a women's voice called in the distant. As we drew closer, I saw a figure amount a dapple grey horse. She continued to call for this 'David'. Her horse stood still, but she looked around curiously. Her face covered by the black hood on her cloak. Before Arthur could call for her. Her horse charged into life, and galloped through the dense forest. Hengroen chased after her, my horse barely noticed, I kicked him into living. As the three horses ran through the forest, the sky above grew into a bright orange tinted blue. The trees rushed pass as we rode the wind. Her horse rode towards Albian, she didn't look behind her, just to the path she fled through. Hengroen rode next to her, in shock her horse reared into the air. Throwing her to the ground. Arthur immediately dismounted Hengroen, and came to her side. My horse pulled over next to Arthur's. I jumped off, and placed the dead birds on the saddle. She was unconscious, “Where do you think she was going?” I asked. “How should I know, she might have been with the prince though.” She began to stir, her horse lowered her head to see her master. The horse nudged her cheek, she moved at the touch of her fleecy coat. Her grey-blue eyes opened to be surprised, she jumped at the sight of someone looking down at her. “Good way to give me a heart attack.” she sat up, with her hand against her head. “Are you alright?” Arthur questioned in concern. “Yeah I'm fine,” she looked around as if she was missing something. “Have you seen Prince David?” she requested. “No, but we were going to see him in Abractus. Have you seen him lately?” Arthur helped her onto her feet. “He was with me last night, some archers of Malumas shot him in the arm. So obviously I helped him, but he had disappeared last night,” Arthur nodded. Hengroen lifted his head, Arthur mounted him. “We must leave from here, where were you heading?” The girl mounted her horse, “Camelot.” “You can ride with us then, are you from the area?” She shook her head, “I live in Farla, a small village a few days walk away from here.” He nodded, he looked behind him, “We must go.” The three horses travelled in an arrow, Arthur in the front, me and the girl behind him. The hood from her cloak was whisked away with the wind, revealing her red fire like hair. We galloped faster then even before, leaving the forests, and to the mountains. Arthur was far in front, he was very cautious. Our horses faded into a gentle walk. She looked to the skies, the very few clouds that dotted the sky grew very rapidly. And it started to rain, she didn't run from it, she just smiled. She left her hood down, to embrace this miracle of nature. “You're not like most women are you?” I asked. She didn't look away from the sky, “I'm not like any other women on this planet. For no two people are the same, or are they?” She smiled at me, “Anyway, no-one can judge me. People that judge will be judged for their judgement, nothing goes unnoticed.” She spoke as if she had had experience of this, “So what is your name?” I asked. “Freya, and you?” “Merlin. Do you know what your name means?” The rain fell quite heavily, we trotted to the side of the grassland, under some trees. “No, what is it then?” She actually seemed interested, “I can't remember exactly, something about the control of animals.” She laughed, “That sounds about right, I swear I have powers of magic. No animal fears me, they come close to me. It's sort of weird,” she looked out to the rain pouring to the now soft ground. Arthur was on the other side of the fields and hills. I heard him shouting faintly, Freya laughed. Her horse galloped to Arthur's very small figure. My horse ran after her, she didn't care for the wet ground or the lightning that flashed through the skies. Arthur didn't seem angry, he smiled. After we caught up, all the horses galloped towards Camelot. Freya rode further ahead, Hengroen walked next to my horse. “She is beautiful isn't she?” Arthur stated to me. Freya was looking all around her in interest, touching the leaves on the trees of the forest. The path we rode, was small, both sides the earth was higher. “I guess she is,” Arthur looked at me. “Merlin are you blind? She's gorgeous.” She was, the way she elegantly turned, the movements of her whole body was fine and smooth. “Yeah she is,” staring at me, Arthur laughed. “Don't get your hopes up Merlin, I might just ask her myself.” Her horse began to walk back to us, “Doesn't mean for certain she'll go for you.” I grinned, Arthur playfully pushed me. “Come on,” Freya said. She seemed so excited, her horse cantered ahead, me and Arthur went after her. The rain stopped a while ago, the sun still wasn't visible through the clouds though. The forest suddenly stopped, and the path lead to a city surrounded by a great white wall, a great white castle at the back of the city. Freya smiled, Arthur lead us through the small roads, markets and density of people. We came to the courtyard, with the white stairs to the castle, the stables to the left of us. Arthur dismounted Hengroen, “Merlin take my horse to the stables, and Freya's.” He called back as he rushed up the stairs. She exhaled in curiously, “Is he always like this?” as she dismounted her horse. “Pretty much, yeah.” She took the reins of her horse, “Which way?” Holding the reins of Hengroen and my horse I lead Freya to the stables. She removed the saddle and reins incredibly fast, I questioned her with a look. “I grew up on a farm,” I nodded in understanding, “Oh.” She patted the horse's back, she looked into the horse's pale eyes. Freya removed the saddle and reins off of my horse. She placed them in their rightful place next the horses. We walked to courtyard, “So where are you going?”. I shrugged, “I'll probably see if Gaius needs my assistance.” “Do you mind if I come?” I shook my head, “Not at all.” I lead her to Gaius's home in the castle were he kept all his potions and stuff. Though I slept in a room in there for a few years now, but I still didn't understand all the things in there. Gaius an old man, he has white hair, and his eyes lend to drift off. After passing several corridors and hallways lined with paintings and the occasionally pot of flowers on a table. Occasionally she would stop and look at the paintings. I would wait, I see these paintings almost everyday, but for Freya they are a new sight. Eventually we got to the small wooden door, and entered into quite a large room with countless amounts of shelves of jars, pots and books. Gaius was making a potion with some weird plants with two stalks that met to form a twisting flower. “Ah Merlin, I need you to go to Forest and get me some wild Puseberries.” He turned to see Freya, he seemed confused, “Who's this?” Distracting with the fact that there is a flower like that, “Oh sorry this Freya. Freya, this is Gaius.” I lead her forward to him, they both shook hands, “Pleased to meet you Freya.” “Pleased to meet you,” “So you need some Puseberries, I will go and get them.” I began to leave, “Merlin take Freya with you, she might need some fresh air.” I turned back, “Of course,” Freya and I left the castle and left the gates of Camelot and headed for the forest.
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