The Saga: New Found Freedom

Freya is an ordinary farmer girl, but when her Uncle kills a dragon in his land. She runs away, but she meets Prince Arthur of Camelot and Merlin. She realizes her powers, and uses them to good use. But there is still one question that has never been answered. Who are her real parents?


4. Freya-Fishing for Answers

Merlin wasn't talking, he lead me to the forest. He was struggling to find the Puseberries, I rolled my eyes. “Merlin, do you even know where you can find them?” he looked up from the plant bush he was rummaging through. He had several dark pink coloured splats on his face, “And you know where you can find them?” he rubbed his hands on his trousers from the raspberry juice on his palms. I nodded, and left momentarily, he followed me away. I followed my sense of smell, and it lead in and between trees. Until we came to a green grass covered meadow, with a silver river running down the middle. A large oak tree was placed at the highest part of the meadow, in level with the forest behind it. “Do you know where you're going?” he asked cautiously. I smiled turned back to him, “No.” Then I noticed a berry bush next to the river, I ran forward. I picked off a berry, and brought it towards my nose. Smelling non-poisonous, I placed it in my mouth. The taste was a very intense sweet, recognizing it, I waited for Merlin to come towards the bush. “Here, told you.” He looked at the berries, he looked at the book in his bag. And eventually concluding that it as the right berry he started to pick them from the bush. “I thought you didn't know where you were going?” I picked another berry, “I didn't,” I clearly stated. He looked up at me confused, “Then why did you come here?” I popped the berry into my mouth. And tapped the side of my nose to indicate that I can't say, I knelt next to the river. Fish glided underneath the watery surface, and an occasionally twig floated like a boat. The reason was very simple, but then again very, very rare. I trailed my fingers across the subsurface of the glistening water. Seeing a pike shooting through the liquid sky, having quick reflexes, I grabbed the fish. Holding it in a single hand was tricky, grasping it lightly in both hands so it would slip through my fingers. I carried it over to Merlin, I was still picking the Puseberries. The pike no longer moving, I lowered down to Merlin's level, kneeling. He looked at me in greeting, but looked back when he noticed the pike held in my hands. “Where did you get that?” he said amazed. “I got it from the river, where else?” I said sarcastically, I placed it in the bag with the Puseberries. “But how did you catch it?”, I looked back at him as I went back to the river. “With my hands,” I said holding my hands for him to see. I knelt down again, I heard Merlin mumbling. I sat next to me, with the bag with him. “Catch another,” he requested, “I intend to.” Trailing my index finger over the surface, I felt for any quiver in the water. It took a moment, but I felt a shake from underneath my hand. And lightning fast, I pulled a pike from the water, and placed it in the bag. The pike wriggled for a second but air drowned. “That's amazing,” Merlin declared. “Is that the same reason why you could smell the Puseberries?” I shrugged my shoulders. “I guess, it's complicated.” I looked back to the river, deciding not to take any other lives today. “I would ask, but I'm guessing it's personal,” Merlin informed me as we walked back to Camelot. I lead the way, since I brought us to that meadow. “I guess I can tell you, but you must tell no-one, not a soul.” He held one hand to the sky, and the other to his heart. “I promise,” I sighed, I had to tell someone, it's eating me. “Well, genetically, it's very rare. My mother, her father was a sorcerer and her mother was a normal human. My father, his father was a vampire, and his mother was a werewolf-” “Wait, werewolves and vampires exist?” I nodded. “Anyway, at birth, my parents had to leave me with my aunt and uncle. And my three cousins, who since birth have been brought up to call my brothers and sisters. But my aunt and uncle, who don't carry this gift, on my seventeenth birth explain that the day I turn eighteen. A change will happen to me, and I will be able to do things in-human. I will inherit all the gifts of the fours different subspecies. But with the werewolf, I won't change into a wolf every full moon. Instead, I'am able to change into any animal I want to, at any time.” I finished my story, and by that time we came to the gates of Camelot. Merlin looked very confused, but intrigued. “Does that mean you need to drink blood?” I shook my head. “So when is your birthday?” I sighed, “Tomorrow.” Merlin stopped in his tracks, “Tomorrow!” I nodded. “Are you even prepared?” he asked concerned. “There is nothing to prepare for, it's in my blood,” he lead me back to Gaius. He was still in the room, making a potion of a sort. “Ah Merlin, have the Puseberries?” Merlin walked forward rummaging through the bag. “They're in here,” he placed the bag on the wooden table Gaius was working at. He put his hand in to grab some berries, but instead he pulled out one of the pikes. “Merlin, have you stolen this from the castle's kitchen?” he groaned disappointed. “Actually Freya caught the two pikes, with her bare hands.” When Merlin said the two words 'bare hands', Gaius inspected the fish very carefully. “Remarkable, but one question, how?” But then he rushed to a book shelf next to the front door, pulling out a very large green covered book. With all his might, he pulled the book open. After a few minutes of silence, he stopped at a page. “So you caught a pike with your bare hands?” he turned back to see my reaction, I nodded. “Do you know of your grandparents blood line?” I sighed, “Yes. And the fact that tomorrow that I will become a Shapeshifter,” he wide eyed me in surprise. “Tomorrow?” he seemed worried. “It would be best if you stayed here Freya, so you won't be discovered. And Merlin can help you through this change,” I turned to Merlin. He looked at me as if I wasn't anything different, Gaius left the room, with the potion in his hand. “So,” I said my arms crossed, Merlin looked at me. “I have magic in my blood as well, but I didn't inherit it, it came to me for my destiny.” He sighed, “I must get to Arthur, he is training his troops. You can come if you wish to,” I stood next to him. “Lead the way,” and he went to the back of the castle, were grass grew. Several men were battling with swords in practice. Arthur was putting on his Armour, Merlin ran over. “Thank you, even though it is your job,” Merlin rolled his eyes. I looked over to the men battling, most of which were rookies. I laughed, “Do you question my troops?” Arthur inquired. “No, but even I could beat them,” Arthur laughed at the idea. He picked up a sword, and threw it to me, luckily I caught it. “Let's see if you can beat me,” he picked up another sword. I grinned, “Hit me.” He threw a lash at me, but I caught it on the sword instead. Our swords collided several times, before I began to throw back the punches, his reactions were very slow compared to mine. Both the swords locked, until I swung it around, and kicked his leg. And he fell over, several Knights that were watching laughed harshly. I stood back, and he stood up. Regaining his balance, he threw a blinding hit, but I stood to the side so he hit air. And I kicked his behind, and he fell head first to the ground. All the men were laughing, a few were clapping, I turned to Merlin. He was laughing his head off, I laughed as well. Arthur stood back up, “Not bad,” he said embarrassed. “Not bad? I got you to the floor twice.” Arthur did not look happy, but he did look impressed. “How did you learn to do that?” “To be honest, it started when I picked up a stick, and started to hit a tree when I was three. But when I was thirteen, I made a sword out of wood and I used to practice with my cousin. And since then I used to practice for at least an hour everyday.” His facial expressions said everything, he was impressed. After a few hours, of sword fighting. He walked over to Merlin, “Have this cleaned,” as he helped him removed his Armour. Arthur left, gazing back at me. Merlin, grasped the Armour in his arms, I opened the bag next to him. He dumped the Armour in there, “Thanks.” I nodded, he threw the bag over his shoulder. “So what do you do now?” I was very nosey. “Well it's starting to get dark, so I'm going in, you?” we started to walk to Gaius's. “I'll probably go for a walk,” Merlin shock his head, “You can't. Anyone that walks the streets at night will be charged of sorcery.” “Oh, I'll probably just stay with you, if you don't mind.” “No not at all, Gaius thinks it would be better if you stayed with us anyway.” I nodded, “Yeah.” Gaius was out, Merlin dumped the Armour in his room. The sky was very dark now, it was then I noticed it was almost midnight. “Great just a few minutes until I have my normal human life taken away from me.” I said sarcastically. “You're lucky, you had a normal childhood. I was able to move objects before I could talk.” I smiled, “Really?” he laughed. “Yes really,” Merlin was fascinating, “Does anyone else know?” He shook his head, “No-one, except you and Gaius. But you can't tell anyone,” “Of course. What do you take me for, but you will have to keep my secret as well.” He looked at me as if I was joking, “Like a truce?”I tilted my head while settling that was the right term. “I guess, but we're not enemies,” I pointed out. “Of course,” then I heard the bell tower chime. Everything turned black all I heard was my head smash against the floor.
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