The Saga: New Found Freedom

Freya is an ordinary farmer girl, but when her Uncle kills a dragon in his land. She runs away, but she meets Prince Arthur of Camelot and Merlin. She realizes her powers, and uses them to good use. But there is still one question that has never been answered. Who are her real parents?


10. Arthur-Too Much

I watched as Merlin and Freya walked over, I mounted Hengroen. He stood very still and proud, holding his neck higher than usual. I looked away from the pair of them, I was still annoyed with Freya. Well not annoyed with her, but annoyed her horse just randomly galloped off like that. Obviously I would risk my like to save her, but that wasted time. And we're not going to find the Masked Men. But Gawain was the one I have to keep my eye on, he flirts with every girl he sees that's half decent. But Freya was different. Her skin was like snow, her hair like fire, and her eyes like the ocean. As if she was of the Elements, as if she was of Magic, that's very unlikely. Even if she was of Magic, my Father would have her burnt or her head chopped off. Something like that, he thinks of new punishments, it's cruel really. Gawain and the others started to set off, at least the Villagers were helpful. Merlin and Freya arrived, eventually, and mounted their horses after untying them. “They are heading over the Northern border into Malumas, we must hurry.” Hengroen trotted through the village, and fired at his full speed when on the main road. With the others following, I led the way to the Northern border. We wouldn't get there today even if we galloped, we would have to camp again. I reined Hengroen in and he steadied to a gentle walk, seeing that he was tired slightly. And also allowing the others to catch up, they did take their time. I sighed when I saw Freya, she was beautiful in her own way, but I swore myself to Guinevere. And that was that, no more arguing with myself. “Are you alright Arthur,” I turned to see one of my most trusted knights, Lancelot. “I'am fine, and I hope you are the same,” “Not as much as you would imagine.” I looked at him in confusion, “What is the matter Lancelot?” He hesitated, “I would rather tell you when we were back at Camelot.” I respected him fully, “Of course.” The scenery changed quite rapidly from a forest, to the rocky mountains ahead. It would be easier if we rode across the beach, and so we did, taking a side road to the beach that stopped at the face of a mountain. But there was a passageway that my Father told me of if I ever needed to use it. Which he hoped I didn't. If you go into the shallow water at the coast, go around the mountain, and there's a secret stone. If pushed right, it will open. This has been here for centuries, only people of Camelot know of this passageway. But we'll camp in a forest not far away, if we enter Malumas, they will kill us without hesitation. And when I mean 'they', I mean King Cenrid's army, they patrol the border everyday. Checking for me or my men, knowing I will try to sneak into Malumas. Me and Prince David are cousins, my Mother who is dead, her sister is the Queen of Cintalonta. And she blamed my Father for her death, and David would sneak into Albian to visit me and my Father. Luckily, his Mother never found out. But hopefully, after I save her son, she will trust me and my Father again. I was startled when Merlin's horse walked next to mine. “You alright Sire?” I nodded, “Fine Merlin.” No one knows that me and David are cousins, except people very close to me or my Father. I haven't told Merlin, when I tell him something, it always gets to the public. “Arthur do you like Freya, as a friend that is?” I swallowed, “Of course,” “Well do seem like your angry with her.” I looked at him, I was truly interested. “Cause when we met her, you were very intrigued by her, and you said she was beautiful.” I gave him an evil glare, but he ignored it. Looking at me as if I was going to tell him, “Merlin, I don't need this from you now. Leave me alone,” I kicked Hengroen into a fast going canter.
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