This is a collection of poetry, some in form, and some not, and short stories. I hope you like what you read.


1. shard

This is how the heart of the universe can be revealed.

Resting  in shards of a budding flower's blossom; Rising slowly in pulses, upon a warm gentle breeze. Lifting, within the warmth of a rich golden sunrise; Flowing lazily along in an incandescent, warm dream. Writhing, with your candescent slow tremor’s That shudder so tender... so delicately. these are the forces that tremble within, For this is what you really mean to me.

Feeling your warmth rise up with your passion; Sensing your breath quicken  so suddenly. Noting the stars that rise in the heavens, Watching them fall in reflections of three. Wanting to know if you feel the way I do, Yet fearing the worst as I stand by the door. Hoping that this time you won't leave me standing, As tears fall like glass upon bitter cold shores.

Sensing our sweat mingle and suddedly quenchen; Feeling your touch rest upon my hard breast. I want you to know that this is forever, That my soul is yours and is forever blest. Should these words now be forever spoken? Should I dare to say what I truly do feel? What if I did would you think me so churlish? Or would you simply just laugh back at me?

Love is forever… these words sacred are spoken. But they lift us all up,  and tie us all blind. Because we don't understand the hearts we have broken, just own desperate needs. That bleed us inside. Perhaps I am wrong and have spoken too harshly? Perhaps you think I  too speak bitterly. But I know than in an act of selfless kindness A person's tired,  worn out soul can be healed...

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