Erica Bluewater: Another Legend

A month away from her sixteenth birthday, Erica Bluewater sadness fills her soul more than ever. But when a griffin arrives in the back garden of the care home she lives in, her life turns upside down. As she walks into life that she has always dreamed of, she learns that she will become a legendary Dragon Rider. And will vanquish the dark cloud of evil that hangs over the island of the great Dragonlords. But in the midst of all of this, she finds comfort in a stable boy when she is under too much pressure. Realizing her enemy is a vampire, her human strength isn't going to do anything. But when she realizes her powers, she can fight back. Or can she?

This the original, i'm rewriting it at the moment.


6. The Vampire

A knock on the door woke me than morning, I sat up and stretched. “Come in,” I yawned, and Silvana came through the door. “Morning sleepy head,” she humoured, “Morning.” I continued to stretch, she opened the curtains. “Kamalia is getting bigger,” she said, I turned to see Kamalia he size of a medium dog. “Whoa,” she jumped to life and licked my face. Tried to pull her off, but she was very strong. Silvana laughed, when Kamalia stop devouring my face, I stood up and paced my room for a minute. “What are you doing?” she laughed, “Stretching my legs. Anything happening today?” she looked at me. “Nothing really, but there is a person in the throne room, that says they have an invention. That allows anyone to use magic,” “Cool. Be there in a minute,” and I went to he bathroom. Kamalia followed me, and perched herself on the edge of the bathtub. Brushed my teeth, washed my face, neck and arms, and rushed to my wardrobe. Silvana had left, I changed into a white tunic like dress that passed my knees. But pulled on a white pair of legging like trousers. And some white sandals, luckily I had a few different colours of sandals. And rushed to the throne room, with Kamalia trotting at my side. When we entered the room, the six Dragonlords were sitting in their thrones, and Adonis sitting on a step. A man with a long white beard stood before them, he was wearing rags. Grasped in his hand, a carved stick, which was straight and smooth, the man looked at me. “My lady,” he said to me, “Do you know what this is?” As he held it up for me to see, I nodded. “That's a wand,” he looked stunned, “How did you know of this?” I walked over to he other Dragonlords and sat on a step near Silvana. “There is a very famous book, called Harry Potter. It's based on a boy, that went to a school of magic, and everyone had a wand that they used to cast magic.” He nodded, “Yes, that's actually were I got the idea. If you like to try?” he held the wand out. I took it into my hands, “Now, I want you to point your Dragon, and say Levandra. Don’t worry, it won't harm it,” I pointed to Kamalia. She looked at me, and tilted her head, “Levandra.” I called, and Kamalia floated into the air. “Yes, it works, you may loose your grip on the wand.” And Kamalia floated back to the floor, I passed back the wand. But he didn't take it, “I will leave now,” and he turned and walked out of the temple. And stood up and ran after, Kamalia skipped after me, “Excuse me,” I called after him. He turned around, “Is it possible that you could teach more magic.” He smiled, and out of his long sleeve he pulled out a book. And handed it to me, “If you ever need help, there is a spell in the back.” He lifted the pointed hat upon his head, and walked down the stairs. I walked the others, and went to my chambers, got my bag, and put the book in there. And the wand, and went to the stables, but Arthur wasn't there. So I went to the field, leant against an oak tree, and relaxed. Kamalia nudged my hand, I looked at her, she pointed her head towards the temple. And to my amazement, Calenta was watching me, Kamalia greeted him. And I heard Arthur calling for Calenta from the forest, “Calenta, lead him here.” The Dragon nodded, and trotted back into the forest, Kamalia looked up at me. “Go on then,” and she galloped after Calenta, I turned to watch. I could see Arthur, he wore a loose tatted tunic, and brown trousers and some sort of shoes. “There you are,” he said, lowering his hand out, but then he saw Kamalia. “What are you doing here,” she circled around Arthur a few times, and ran back towards the field. With Calenta hot on her tail, as she just passed me, Calenta leapt onto her. And he pinned her down, Arthur was running after them, “Hey. Hold up!” he called, but they were busy playing. He tripped over, and landed in some thorns. I got up, and went to his side, “Hey Erica. That explains why Kamalia is here,” he groaned, I pulled him out. And pulled him up against the tree, “Thanks,” Calenta came over. Kamalia leapt onto him, and they resumed playing. I lifted his trouser leg, and looked at his leg, “Oh, I looks quite bad.” Blood dripped from the rips in his skin, he sighed, “How bad?” He requested, “Not bad enough that you need stitches.” I went through my bag, and pulled out my wand, “Why do you have one of Merlin's wand?” I didn't answer, I pulled out the spell book, and flicked through the pages. And stopped at a page, the title read 'Wounds: Heal and Revive.' Arthur looked at me, and came to a spell that will heal multiple cuts and minor stabs. Lifted the wand, and flicked it as I spoke, “Multurous Culiar.” And the wounds shrunk until they disappeared, “How you feel?” I asked him. He looked at his leg, “Better. Thanks,” I beamed for a moment. And looked at Kamalia and Calenta, he was still bigger than her, but not by much. “You always seem to be there when I need you,” I rolled my eyes. “That's because I’m the reason you need me,” I smiled. Then I thought about what my mother asked me about Arthur last night, and whether I liked him. But did I? “Sidetracked?” he asked. I looked at him, and shook my head. “Yeah,” I trailed my fingers through my hair. I lay in the field, grass brushing up against my skin, Arthur lay next to me. I watched Calenta and Kamalia chasing after each other, I knew they would stay friends for a long time, just like me and Arthur. “Erica!” a voice called from the temple, “Oh come on.” I said annoyed, Arthur laughed. I stood up and brushed myself off, “Arthur, what about the horses?” He looked up a me, “It's my day off,” and he relaxed against the tree. “Alright I’ll see ya around,” and I started to walk to the gate. Kamalia ran after me, and climbed onto my shoulder. She looked behind me, and waved with her tail, I smiled. I saw Adonis standing by the back door, “Adonis, what you up to.” I walked towards me, “Waiting for you, I need to show you something in the forest.” And lead me back to the gate, that's when he saw Arthur, “What's he doing there?” Adonis asked as he walked awkwardly, “Why should I know?” He looked at me, “You're the one who is friends with stable boy,” I looked at Adonis. A pain was in his eyes, and a longing, Arthur watched us. Kamalia ran over to him, but I didn't mind. “He has a name,” I sternly said, Adonis stopped. And looked back to me, “So, does it matter?” I think Arthur could hear us but didn't know what we were talking about. “I asked you a question,” I glared a him, seeing that he was cold and bitter on the surface. “So, does it matter,” using the exact words he spoke. “Erica you have a reputation you need to live up to, why would you go and befriend stable boys.” Arthur knew what we were talking about, he stood up, but didn't move anymore. It was then I had to choose, for a friends, Adonis or Arthur. “Why should you question me?, you don't even know me.” I shouted, he was surprised that I had an attitude, “You're boyfriend does I’m guessing.” I have never felt so judged, I didn't say anything, I stormed off. Adonis just watched me leave, Kamalia came to my side, I knelt next to her. At the forest edge, “At least I have you.” I stroked her long rough neck, and looked back. Adonis was coming towards me, and so was Arthur. “Come on Kamalia,” and ran into the forest. And for the first time, Kamalia glided next to me, I smiled. She was a quick learner, she had to land occasionally but she was getting there. I kept on running, but Adonis flashed in front of me, he startled me. “I'm sorry, I guess I’m a bit peeved off with him.” I looked at him, confused and full of questions, “Why would you be jealous. You're a future Dragonlord, what could you possibly want?” he didn't say anything. But he kissed me, his hand holding my head still, my first kiss. It had to be one I didn't want, I pushed him away, breathing heavily. “How dare you!” I walked away from him, but not towards Arthur. “Erica please, give me a chance,” he pleaded. “No, stay away from me,” his hand grasped mine. And he pulled me back, and kissed me again. That one was much shorter, and yet again I pushed him away, full of rage. I slapped him around the face, he looked at me, heart broken and upset. He left, and went back to the temple, Arthur came to me. He looked at me, but I didn't look at him, I sat with my back against a tree. He sat next to me, he saw everything, the first and the second kiss. And the fact that I was defending him, he laughed. “Why did you defend me?, I’m just a stable boy, and he's a future Dragonlord.” I looked into his blue eyes, “It's not what you are.” I turned to Kamalia, “It's who you are.” I wanted to shout at Adonis, for harassing me and judging me. “So, you’d rather be with me, than be with you're probably destined husband.” “What!” he had the same look in his eyes as Adonis did when I slapped him. “Ever since the beginning of the Dragonlords, if there was a girl and a boy that weren't related. They're parents would make them get together, so that's probably why he was leading you to the forest.” He looked to Calenta and Kamalia, they were resting with each other in a pile of leaves. “That explains why my mother asked if I was in a relationship with you,” he looked at me. “And what did you say?” I looked at him, “No of course.” He laughed, but his laughter was then silenced by a Dragon roar. Kamalia hid behind me, and Calenta hid behind Arthur. A pair of red eyes pierced through the grey fog, and beside the Dragon a hooded man walked forwards. The man was dressed in black, barely tanned, his skin was like snow. And his eyes were blood red, “So. This is the legendary Erica Bluewater, your name has spread across the whole island. And so has your legend, of how you will vanquish me from the face of the Earth.” He looked at me and then to Arthur, he seized Arthur throat. Choking, Arthur tried to kick him. And he threw him to against a tree, Kamalia ran to Arthur. The man looked at me, and knocked me to the floor. It was then I realized what he was, he was a vampire. “Why are legends so unrealistic, when the weaker ones always win. For once, darkness will win,” he sat next to me. And moved my hair to the side, and he had a clear shot to my neck. As he lower his mouth to my neck, I looked at Arthur, he was bleeding to death. Kamalia licking the wounds dry, as he his fangs penetrated my skin. I became weaker and weaker, until I screamed, suddenly. The man was pushed by Ambrosine, Silvana followed him, Adonis at my side. He was speaking to me, but I couldn't hear him, the pain was literally killing me. In books it says that the venom is like fire through your veins, it wasn't it was like ice freezing the blood that traveled through my body. I looked at Arthur, he was dying, and no-one was there. He looked at me and I saw a knife sticking out of his arm, although I was already dying. Watching him in pain, made me want to die. Then everything turned dark, all I could hear was Adonis shouting my name.
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