Erica Bluewater: Another Legend

A month away from her sixteenth birthday, Erica Bluewater sadness fills her soul more than ever. But when a griffin arrives in the back garden of the care home she lives in, her life turns upside down. As she walks into life that she has always dreamed of, she learns that she will become a legendary Dragon Rider. And will vanquish the dark cloud of evil that hangs over the island of the great Dragonlords. But in the midst of all of this, she finds comfort in a stable boy when she is under too much pressure. Realizing her enemy is a vampire, her human strength isn't going to do anything. But when she realizes her powers, she can fight back. Or can she?

This the original, i'm rewriting it at the moment.


2. The Last Day

The white darkness of the month of December spread across the sky, and I sat underneath the apple tree. Watching the sun's rays bleeding through the white darkness, but fading until the white sheet was a clear as the freshly fallen snow. I've been sitting out here for hours just thinking, and wishing for next month to come quicker. I'm sixteen in exactly a month, then I can leave this care home. I'm an orphan, I was abandoned here when I was just a couple of months old. So I might not be an orphan, my parents could have been cowards. Not to except the fact that they had a child, but I guess I’m different to my parents. I'm not a coward, growing up on my own, I’ve learnt that you can't back out of something that could change you're life. You meant to look it in the eye, and walk it through you're life. Destiny will not change, you just have to make the most of it. Having no family, it effects your life dramatically, you think more. And you defend yourself more, not with just verbal attack, with physical. Apparently I have 'Social issues', I don't have social issues. People at school have issues, thinking they're perfect. Even though they are just like anyone else, but when I’m older, and they're working at McDonald's. And when I’m working three days a week, but earning ten times as much as them, who will be laughing then? It might sound like I’m a bit of a know it all, but I stand for my ground. And when someone insults me just because I’m an orphan, saying that there's no surprise that they abandoned me. I will go for their throat, my social worker has been into the school a few times because my 'Anger issues.' But I always say that I will calm down, but normally just lasts a few months. But since I was fifteen, I matured a lot, unlike people at school. Luckily, this is my last year at school, then I’m going to University, at least I plan to. The wind swirled around me, the snowflakes felt for my face, and cast a spell of cold warmth. The white darkness above began to turn to the black velvet, with studded white stars . Though I would want to stay here, I can't. The social workers that look after us won't let me stay out here, even if I use a tent. You can probably work out who 'Us' is, if you can't well it's obvious. Me and the other 'Orphans', most of us are orphan, but there are a few fakes. Like Louise, her parents say they have issues, so they dump her here. So the government have to pay for the food she eats, the water she drinks and everything she uses in this dump. But at weekends, her parents take her out to a theme park or something. So she loves them, her parents are cheap scape’s. That's what my parents were as well, they couldn't even put in the effort to try and look after me. Though I wish they didn't abandon me here, I'm glad they did. Cause I have a independence that no-one could ever have. Being an orphan, is what made me, me. I pulled myself to my feet, and began to stumble towards my 'home'. Being out in the cold wet weather most of the day, you're legs tend to become a bit numb. The building was a large rectangular brick block, I always think of it as a massive, old red brick, made up of thousands of other bricks. With symmetrical windows, and a single purple door, the paint peeling off. In the middle to signify the mirror of this single world. I had to hop over footballs and basketballs, that were scattered over the once green grass, like sprinkles over icing. Footprints were imprinted were the younger kids were playing in the snow. And several snow-angels flew over the white canvas, as if the snow was the sky above. Two snow forts lay either side of the garden, with several piles of snowballs. I just smiled, looking at that just reminded me of when I use to play in the snow every winter. But the snow this year was far more harsh, worst snowfall since I was born. Which means happier children, more snow = closed school. As I found the brick patio, the snow's layer compressed, which caused the snow to become hard, almost like ice. I pulled the door open, to see the living room had become Santa's Grotto, the Christmas tree was up, twisted in gold and silver tinsel, and as for the lights. They had new ones this year, the old lights were a dim yellow. Now they were green and red, the classic Christmas colours. A piece of white string was hung from the ceiling, with just a few Christmas cards. One with Rudolph, one with Santa stuck in a chimney and the last was a Polar bear dressed as Santa. Even the sofa was different, a red cover was pulled over it, poorly. The blue from which it once was, showed through on either end. The TV has gold tinsel draped around the screen, which blocked some of the screen anyway. I just simply rolled my eyes, and threw myself onto the sofa.
“Don't throw yourself onto the sofa!” a familiar voice scowled, I turned to see Annabel wearing a Santa hat, a hand knitted woolly jumper with the words 'Merry Christmas'. A red pair of leggings and a pair of black cowboy. I put my hand over my face and sighed,
“A bit too much?” I looked up and saw in addition to see that she was now wearing a red nose.
“Oh God,” I let out in a moan. Annabel laughed, and I joined her. She sat next to me, Annabel was one of the social workers. She's been her since I was five, she has a great sense of humor.
“SO” she boomed out, clapping her hands together, tilting her head to my direction.
“What's got you in a grouchy mood?” she questioned me as if she was my mother. I've always thought of her as my mother, she is really. She's always been there, as long as I can remember. “Nothing, why would something be wrong with me?” I replied. Annabel gave me a look, which I could easily translate. It meant, 'It's obvious that something is wrong with you'.
“Alright, I’m sick of being here.” I paused, and puffed up a mouth full of air. “I'm sick of school, I’m sick of this dump, I’m sick of everyone here.” I slouched in the sofa, causing the cover to fold over. She tutted, arrange herself to face directly towards me, “Erica, don't be so silly. The world is big out there, and when you finish school, and have anywhere to go. Everywhere is dangerous, but you must remember. It isn't the place that's dangerous, it's the people that make it dangerous.” I was confused, really confused. “So, everywhere is dangerous, but it isn't.” Annabel shook her head, “No, places are only dangerous because the people that are there are dangerous.” I nodded my, still confused but got the idea, “Now go on, and get into something clean, you're all wet.” Drumming at my lap as if I were a drum-kit, but I knew she was only being playful. “Alright,” laughing like I heard a stand up comedy. I hopped off the sofa, and left the room, to come across Emily. She's five, and living here since she was a baby. Luckily, I’m here, she might be here until she's my age, and she might need some advice. To cope with the frustration, “Hey Emily.” she smiled up at me and waved like she was a wind turbine that only goes from left to right. And she carried on walking to the living room, and so I carried on too. I climbed up the stairs, up to the third floor, and turned to a crystal blue door with the words. 'Stay out, or the god's lightning will rain upon you.,' I like to read. And I really like the stories of the Greek gods, but I prefer the modern fantasy. Like the chronicles of Narnia and the Harry Potter series. But I wouldn’t call Narnia modern, it was published over 50 years ago. I pushed the door open and slammed it closed behind me. My room was an African scene. The wallpaper was a waterhole with a range of African animals gathered around, from Zebras to Lions and Elephants to Thompson’s Gazelles. The floor was a sand colour, and the ceiling was sky blue. My bed was zebra printed, I hate the summer, but I would stand through the heat to see Africa's wild animals. I walked to my plain wooden wardrobe, and pulled out dark blue leggings and a short sleeved grey shirt. In addition I pulled out a light-weight dark blue cardigan. I changed, and went to my work desk, which for once was organized. Pencils and all, I reached out and grasped a photo frame that Annabel brought for me, and she put in a picture of me, my mum and my dad. It's the only picture of me as a baby, before I was left here. I look like my mum, but with my father's eyes and hair colouring, deep maroon. And my eye colour, a gloomy green, that was almost grey. I put the frame back on the shelf just above the desk, amongst my wooden animals. I had horses, elephants, zebras, lions, tigers and a single griffin. Rearing behind the photo, the guardian of my dreams. I turned and walked out of the door and shut the door, and walked down the stairs to kitchen. Annabel was taking a pie out of the oven, and Benjamin was stirring some kind of cause. Benjamin is one of the three social workers, and last was Emma. Benjamin started as a cook, and then went into the social worker business. Emma is a rookie, she's joined us here this time last year, she's only 21. Annabel looked up at me as she set the pie to cool, and smiled. “Nothing beats home cooked.” she said with a grin. She took off her apron, and put it on the hook. The kitchen was quite big, but I wasn't the size of the ones you she in the adverts on TV. I opened the draw next to me, and grabbed a bunch of knives and forks. And walked into the dining room, there was a long stretched out table took up the whole room. The chairs were made of oak wood and green felt. There was fifteen chairs, three social workers, eleven kids, and one young adult (me). And started to lay the table, then the door opened and Emma walked in wearing a long red dress, which I liked. “Nice dress,” I said as I set out the last set f knives and forks. Emma smiled, “Thanks, got it in the sales down at Next.” she started to lay out the plates she brought in. I walked back into the kitchen, I could now recognize what Benjamin was stirring. It was cranberry sauce, we weren’t having a Christmas roast, they were just cooking for next week. It's the 18th December, exactly seven days till Christmas, the social workers tend to cook the less important things much earlier. Then they cook the turkey on Christmas eve. I just stared at the sauce bubbling away, “You alright Erica?” Benjamin asked. I looked up at him and shook my head while trying to think, “Yeah, just daydreaming.” That was actually true, I was thinking about the Griffin on my desk. Benjamin nodded, “Erica, would you mind herding everyone up.” I swiftly turned and went to the corridor, and stood at the foot of the stairs. And raised my hands to my mouth and howled as loud as I could. “Come one and all, dinner is ready,” I put my hands on my hips, ad waited. Then ten kids came running down the stairs, then Emily popped up behind me and walked into the dining room. Everyone galloped into the room, they only ate a few hours ago. When I opened the door everyone was sat down, except the social workers. Emma was setting out the cups and mugs, Benjamin was bringing a piping hot dish of Spaghetti. And Annabel brought in a dish of bolognese in tomato sauce. It's a free for all when it comes to dinner, but it normally goes in a certain order. Youngest, social workers, me, then it's a free for all. As I said earlier, there's eleven other kids. From the youngest to oldest this is the order. Emily (five), then there's a leap Tom and Samuel (twins, eight), Susan(ten), Chloe(ten) and Jack (ten). Then there's four thirteen year old, Katie, Lucy, Luke and David. Then there’s Bradley (fourteen). Emma served Emily's dinner, then social workers served their own, then I took mine. Then eleven hands all grabbed for the food, I took my fork in my right hand and shoved the food slowly and carefully into my mouth. Chewing as quickly as I could, I wanted to go up to my room as fast as possible. After two minutes, the eight and ten year olds, run with their knives, forks and plates in their hands into the kitchen. “Hey, be careful!” Benjamin yelled after them, then they ran upstairs. “We're gonna go and play in the snow,” Samuel yelled. A few minutes later all the other kids were finished, and they left their things there. Annabel just rolled her eyes, then I finished. By then the younger kids were running to the back door, wearing woolly hats and gloves. I just went to my room, and slouched in my swivel chair next to my desk. Put my hands behind my head, closed my eyes and relaxed. My window was open, so I could hear the kids were playing in the snow. Until one of them made a little shriek, but then they started to laugh. I stood up, and went to my wardrobe, and opened a draw were I kept my shoes. I was only wearing socks, I took off my trainers earlier. I pulled on my pair of grey ugg boots. Went downstairs, and found Lucy sitting on the bottom step. She looked up at me, wearing make-up, which was all wet, everything was dripping down her face. Except her lipstick, that was all smudged. I sat next to her on the step, and waited for her to look at me, “Are you alright?” I asked. “Yeah I’m fine,” she had a flannel in her hand, which was covered in different coloured patches. “Do you want to use one of my wet wipes, they get off make-up, even waterproof.” She held the wet flannel I both her hands, and sighed, but reluctantly she nodded. “Alright, come on then,”and I guided her up to my room, normally I wouldn't let anyone in my room. But Lucy had a dilemma, went she entered my room, she was quite stunned, but impressed. “Wow, nice. I thought you would have gotten it redecorated.” I shook my head, as I rummaged through my make up draw under my desk. And pulled out a green package, and threw it to Lucy. Surprisingly she caught it, “Keep it,” I said as she attempted to give back the packet after pulling one out. “I've got another packet anyway,” she nodded. “Thanks,”and we both walked out of my room. She went to her room, and I went back downstairs. And through Santa's Grotto, and out the back door. They were having a snowball fight, Boys v Girls, then they spotted me, they didn't throw a snowball at me, they waved. “Hey Erica, wanna play?” Jack invited. I walked towards the 'Battlefield', and nodded, “Sure.” Jack high-fived Tom and Samuel, “But I’m going to have to play against you.” Jack, Tom and Samuel moaned, but Susan and Chloe jumped for joy. As I stood behind the fort, Chloe asked me a question. “Erica?” I nodded while I gathered a snowball, and stood up. “Aren't you cold?” I threw the snowball in the air, and caught it. “No not really, I guess I’m cold skinned.” Then the fight began, I hit Samuel several times, Tom once, and Jack about a dozen times. But I got hit about a zillion times, now I ache more then ever. But Annabel called us all in, “So, played in a snowball fight did we?” I nodded, “Yeah, might as well live my last month of being a child.” I smiled, I was right, I did only had a month left. So little time, but at the same time, that's ages. I stamped my feet onto the mat at the entrance of Santa’s grotto, and went back up to my room. Slammed the door behind me and collapsed on my bed, the window breathed in cool fresh winter air. Which I inhaled, I kicked off my shoes, and closed my eyes. And for once in years I went to sleep when I wanted to.
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