Erica Bluewater: Another Legend

A month away from her sixteenth birthday, Erica Bluewater sadness fills her soul more than ever. But when a griffin arrives in the back garden of the care home she lives in, her life turns upside down. As she walks into life that she has always dreamed of, she learns that she will become a legendary Dragon Rider. And will vanquish the dark cloud of evil that hangs over the island of the great Dragonlords. But in the midst of all of this, she finds comfort in a stable boy when she is under too much pressure. Realizing her enemy is a vampire, her human strength isn't going to do anything. But when she realizes her powers, she can fight back. Or can she?

This the original, i'm rewriting it at the moment.


14. Moonstone

We didn't speak, he held me close. I looked at him, his eyes were locked in mine. I saw a longing in his eyes, it was then I realised what that longing was. He kissed me, and when his lips departed. I had a longing, I kissed him and he put his hand behind my head. And he leant forward, and I lied down. Him laying on top of me, he skin against mine was like electricity. He hand keeping him above me, and the other holding my side. And after a minute, he sat up, and he stood. “Coming?” he asked, I shook my head. This is were I felt close to Arthur, he nodded, and he left. It was night, and the sun had been replaced with the moon. As I sat against the tree, I just thought. The I realised that kissing Adonis was wrong, I shouldn't of kiss him back. I stood, and walked to the clearing, the moon's light glowed. And the stars pierced the once velvet like sky. The tree looked more lonely then ever, as I walked across the grass. Fireflies flew around the field, several circled few, like a miniature whirlwind. Owls in the distance hooted, and a fox ran across the field. Then I sat underneath the tree, much like when I was at the care home. The fox cautiously walked towards me, I held my hand, and it trotted with confidence. It sat next to me, with his head on my lap. Stroking it's neck was comforting. I've always had a connection with nature, when I was five, in a trip to a local forest. A owl followed me around the whole forest, then I realised. All the Guardians have a element or a power, Adonis's power was to control electricity. And all the others was an element or something on this Earth. I could tame wild animals, maybe I could summon them. I thought of a barn owl flying in the night sky, and landing in front of me. A hooting came from behind me, and a barn owl actually appeared. The owl sat next to the fox, normally the fox would eat he owl, but it simply greeted the owl. Kamalia came to the other side of me, 'Realizing your powers is just one thing. Thinking how to use it the next step,' she put her head on the ground and relaxed. Suddenly a pack of wolves entered the clearing, and ran towards us. As they came close, the stopped in their tracks, and bowed. Confused, I stood up and walked forwards. The leader of the pack was a black wolf, with yellow eyes. He stood before, “We are honored my presence.” His deep voice spoke, the others still bowed. “We have waited for generations for the Guardian of Animals,” his tail swished. I nodded, “We have something that will allow you to Shapeshift.” And the barn owl picked up something from the wolf's mouth, and dropped it in my hand. “If you think of the animal deeply, as if you are summon them. But say the name aloud,” when I looked at my hand there was a necklace. “It is made of the most rare material in the world, Sunsilver.” I looked at the wolf, “The silver grows in the seas of the Caribbean. In a dark cave at the bottom of the ocean, the stone within the silver, is a moonstone. That grew in the coldness of the Arctic, guarded by polar bears.” The silver reflected the moon's light, but the stone glowed in the light. “Thank you, but how did you know I was the one?” the wolf chuckled. “Wolves have the best instincts on the planet, even better than griffins.” It was then I noticed this wasn't any ordinary wolf, it's back was all feathery. It had a pair of jet black wings, I walked closer to it's wings. “Are you the only one with wings?” as I stroked his folded wings. He shook his head, “No, the royals have wings.” I stepped back in confusion, “Royals?” I clipped on the necklace. He nodded, “Yes, like the Guardians of your world. But in the wolf realm,” I nodded. “I need your help,” I spoke, “If this about the battle tomorrow. I have already gathered over five hundred wolves,” my eyes became wide open. He bowed, “I will see you in battle tomorrow.” And him and the pack ran back through the forest, the fox walked in front of me and bowed. And he ran in the same direction of the wolves, the owl flew over my head. I thought of a white winged wolf, “Winged wolf” I spoke aloud. And within a blink of an eye, my body shifted. The chain of the necklace grew longer, but it still hung around my neck. I looked behind me, Kamalia was asleep. I ran through the clearing, and took to the sky, and I saw the Dragonlords and Adonis by the back door. I glided over the field, and landed in front of them, and stretched my wings. “Adonis how could you leave her in th-” Livano stopped speaking. They looked at me, Kamalia landed next to me, “Well at least someone recognizes me.” I joked. I thought of my human self, without speaking. I shifted back to my human form, “Erica!.” Adonis spoke quite loudly. I walked passed them all and went to my chambers, and changed into my nightgown. Kamalia's voice came into my head, 'Don't tell them,' I looked at her. Her eyes pleading, “I wouldn't anyway.” I got underneath the covers on my bed, and exhausted. I fell straight to sleep.
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