Erica Bluewater: Another Legend

A month away from her sixteenth birthday, Erica Bluewater sadness fills her soul more than ever. But when a griffin arrives in the back garden of the care home she lives in, her life turns upside down. As she walks into life that she has always dreamed of, she learns that she will become a legendary Dragon Rider. And will vanquish the dark cloud of evil that hangs over the island of the great Dragonlords. But in the midst of all of this, she finds comfort in a stable boy when she is under too much pressure. Realizing her enemy is a vampire, her human strength isn't going to do anything. But when she realizes her powers, she can fight back. Or can she?

This the original, i'm rewriting it at the moment.


3. A New Dragon Rider

Rain woke me up that night, rain was pouring outside, and thunder punched through the grey clouds. I stood up, and looked out the window, and saw a pale blue glow at the end of the garden. What the hell, changed my shirt into a dark blue long sleeve shirt. And pulled on the cardigan and my dark blue converses. By now you've probably worked out that my favorite colour is dark blue, ocean blue really, opened the door and poked my head out to check the coast was clear. No-one was even up, which was surprising, that was loud thunder. I crept down the stairs, and went through Santa’s grotto, and grabbed the keys from the hook. And flicked through them until I came to a bright red key, and unlocked the door. Put the keys back on the hook, and walked onto the patio and closed the door behind. And cautiously walked forward, you'd think that I would of stay inside, oh well. As I walked forward, there was something else there. It moved in shock, there was a pair of yellow eyes were staring at me. I still walked forward, frighten. I put my hands over my mouth, from screaming, there stood the most beautiful creature I’ve seen. A proud griffin, brown feathers, and golden fur. He walked towards me, it was then I remembered that I’ve read that griffin can be dangerous. But he then stood still, and looked at me. Before I could question his movements, he bowed. Reluctantly and confused, I bowed back. He opened his mouth, and spoke, “Come,” and he turned and walked to the glow. I followed, and he stood behind a strange glowing rock, “Er, three things. One how can you talk?, Two how are standing in front of me. And last, what is that?” I said as I pointed to the rock, thing. He looked up at me, “I've always been able to talk. Griffins have existed since the age of the dinosaurs, and lastly that is you're destiny.” that cleared a few things, but got me even more confused. “Destiny?” I knelt down next to the rock. Examining it more closely, then my eyes became as wide as possible. “My name is Farron, I’m a Spanish griffin, I’ve flown here from Tossa de Mar. When my friend, Vala the Spanish Ice-eye was murdered by a dark and evil Dragon.” “Hold on,” I held up my hand, “Is this a Dragon egg.” He nodded, “Yes, and she needs a rider.” I looked up at Farron's yellow eyes. “Rider?” he nodded. “But there's a ritual that needs to be done by the Dragonlords.” He lied down, “We must fly to the Greece.” I stepped towards him, “On your back?” I took the egg into my hands. “Of course,” I reluctantly put my leg over his back. As a quick as the lightning he stood up, “But you have to sacrifice your old life.” I didn't want to, I’ve lived through so much “Before we go I need to get a few things.” I climbed off his back and ran up to my room, and grabbed my favourite leather bag. And grabbed some clothes, and grabbed the photo album, and took the picture of me and my parents in there. And grabbed some covers. Then I took another bag, and put all my make-up in there. And on my way downstairs, I crept into Katie and Lucy's room, and put the bag full of make up in there. With a note that said, 'for both of you to have, I will never need this again.' Then I went back to Farron, “Ready?” he asked, I nodded. I sat on Farron's back, and as he prepared himself for take-off, I wrapped to Dragon egg in a cover. And placed it in the bag, and clipped the bag closed, and Farron ran up to the building. And took to the skies just before we were about to crash, and we flew over London, the only place I've ever been to. Except a school trip to Hastings a few years back, London looked beautiful, I could see everything. Name it I could see, I've always wanted to fly on a plane to another country, but this is miles better. As we flew he told me how he had entered the cave to see his dead friend, and how he didn't want to leave the Dragon egg without protection. Then he spoke of the Dragonlords, the Guardians of the elements, and how each of them had an elemental Dragon. And that every animal respects, but when I asked who the Dragon that murdered Vala was, he sighed. I could understand how he felt, he had lost someone close to him, I've never had someone that close to me. And that pain hurts, “Farron. Where are we?” We were up in the clouds so I couldn't see any buildings, “We're in Greece, about fifteen miles away from Dragon's island. The island is a massive, larger than England in fact. But only mythical creatures and beings can see this island, for before, all you would have seen is ocean.” Then he became silent, and glided downwards, towards a temple, much like the ones in Greece. “How many Dragon Riders are there?” Farron sighed, “Since the Dark Ones have been killing more and more Dragons and their eggs. The rider population has died down, there used to be half a million, now there is only ten thousand.” That is a serious killing, we landed at the entrance and began to walk up what seemed like a thousand steps. “How did they die out?” I was still trying to grasp how that many people, but then I hit. “There was a war, 50 years ago, between the Dark Ones and the Dragon Riders. And many of the Dark Ones were killed but some fled, ending that battle, but there were not many survivors. Even one the Guardians died, there used to be six, but now there is only five. That's why the winds have been blowing more wildly, making worst weather for the whole world. And the Dark Ones have returned, to finish what they began.” It took ages, but we got to the top. I was quite tired, but Farron still had a spring in his step. By now it was morning, and I swear I could fall asleep standing. Farron walked next to me now, than being in front of me. The temple was beautiful, the morning glow shone through the white structure to make everything seem as if they were made of gold. Then I noticed six throne like chairs at the end of the temple, four of which were being sat on. The middle two were being sat on, and one closest to them was as well, but the other three weren't. The woman in the of the middle two stood, she was beautiful, in fact, they all were. Her citrus orange hair reached out down to the bottom of her back, and she was wearing a white dress, that covered her feet. With golden trims, and the bottom was like the golden sand you think of when you dream of the perfect beach. “I'am Valeska, Guardian of the Sun, and this is my husband Livano, Guardian of the Moon.” He was wearing white tunic, which was just as pale as his. His skin was as white as snow, and his hair was darker than ebony. “And this is Silvana, Guardian of the Forest.” As Valeska pointed to her, she was just a beautiful, I was jealous. Her chocolate brown hair was brushed in front of her, which flowed down, half way down her torso. About the same as mine length as mine, her green dress was the same build as Valeska's, but was completely green. “Pyralis the Guardian of Fire and his wife Naida the Guardian of Water, will be her in a minute. So how can we be of service?” I was about to speak, but Farron whispered into my ear. “Let me this from here,” from where, I haven't even spoke. “My name is Farron, and I have brought you a Dragon Rider.” They all stood in shock,
“A new Dragon Rider?” Livano spoke quite loudly. “We haven't have a new Dragon Rider in ten years, child come closer.” Farron nudged me with his beak, I walked forward. Holding the strap of the bag as tight as I could, “Farron. You will be rewarded greatly for this, but where is the Dragon egg? And how did it come into you're possession?” Valeska asked. Farron walked to my side. “The egg was the only child of a dear friend of mine, and she was murdered. By the Dark Dragon.” Everyone froze, “You saw the dark Dragon?” Silvana said in shock, with her hand on her chest. Farron nodded, “Didn't he try to kill you?” Silvana asked sheepishly. Farron shock his head, “The egg was in it's stone structure, and when I got to the egg. It was ice cold, I followed my instincts and flew from Spain to England. And then I came to a massive brick structure, and she came out, to see what the egg's glow.” Valeska stepped down the steps in front of her throne, and walked closer.
“What is your name child?” as I opened my mouth to speak, somebody else spoke. “Her name is Erica,” then beautiful woman walked forward, her long platinum-blonde hair, that was tinted in the golden light. Her long light azure blue dress, flowed down to her feet. Trims of the dress were made up of ocean blue tones. As she came closer, someone else walked out of the shadows, a man. With deep maroon hair, he was also wearing a tunic, but he wasn't wearing shoes, neither was Livano. I couldn't tell if the girls were, he walked to the woman's side, “Naida, Pyralis. How do you know her name?” Naida looked to her husband. Then she looked back to Valeska, “Because she our daughter.” Everyone was in shock, but not as much as me, I collapsed to the floor. “Erica, are you alright?” Valeska rushed to my side, and looked up to Naida. She was astounded, “How is she your daughter?” Naida walked towards me, hand in hand with Pyralis. “He left her at a orphanage, fifteen years ago, we left her there until she was strong enough. She was safer there.” Valeska pulled me to my feet, Livano and Silvana were behind her, Naida and Pyralis were behind me. Farron was standing to the side, giving me space to breathe, unlike everyone else. There was one way to prove this, I rushed to my bag, which Farron was guarding. I pulled the egg out, and carefully placed it on the floor, still wrapped. And pulled out the photo album, and looked at the photo, I walked over to the Dragonlords. They all looked at me in question, I took out the photo. It was then Naida and Pyralis realized what the photo was of. Naida smiled, “We took that in the rain, just before we left you there.” That explained why I didn't recognise them, in the photo, both Pyralis and Naida's hair were a lot dark. The photo matched, looking from photo, and them. I couldn't my parents were alive, and they were like royalty of the fantasy realm. I looked up at them, they both smiled, the first thing, that I’ve always wanted. I just simply hugged them. For fifteen years, I’ve felt so alone, no-one to hold me or comfort me. They held me so tight, I saw Farron was smiling, he took the Dragon egg and placed it back in the bag. And brought it over, took the photo album from me and placed it back in the bag. But I clutched the photo, I dropped it, I don't need it. Farron caught it and dropped it in my bag, I was right, I looked like my mother. But my father's hair, as we departed, Farron trotted to my side, with the bag strap in his mouth. I wiped the tears of joy from my eyes, and took the egg from the bag, and ripped off the cover. “She's going to be a Dragon Rider?” Valeska nodded, then she told them what Farron told them. Then some one entered the room, he looked about 21, unlike the Dragonlords, they all looked about 30. “Adonis, glad you're here,” Adonis walked towards us. But looked at me, Livano stretched out his arm around me and walked me towards him. “Adonis, this is Erica, Naida and Pyralis's daughter.” He looked to at Livano, “Their daughter?” Livano nodded. “Oh,” he smiled nervously. “Erica, this is my son, Adonis.” “Oh, please to meet you,” I stuck my hand out, he shook it. “Please to me you,” en-synthesizing the 'you'. “Adonis, why don't you take Erica to the ritual chamber, we will be right there.” He looked confused, “Why?” Then he noticed that I was now holding a Dragon egg. “A Dragon egg, wow, round here that's a rarity now.” Adonis joked, “Yes, Erica take the egg and follow Adonis.” I nodded, “Come one then,” Adonis said. Farron looked at me and I followed Adonis, Farron and the Dragonlords went the other way. “Well at least there's someone to hang out with now,” he smiled, was wearing a tunic as well but with some sort of trousers. “What you mean?” I asked, “Well, no-one else is here, except the Dragonlords. But soon I'll be one as well,” I walked with my hands in my pockets, “Who can be become a Dragonlord?” I wanted to know all I could, “Well, so far, it's runs through blood and well known people. But anyone can really, like your mother, she was living in a estate, a hundred miles south from here. But still your father would travel on his Dragon every other day to see her, and they got married seventeen years ago. Wait, how old are you?” for once he was asking the questions. “I'm sixteen next month,” he nodded, “Oh, your lucky you've still got a month left of childhood.” I looked at him, he looked at me, “How am I lucky, I’m sick of being treated like a child.” He nodded, “True, but soon you'll miss it. You never really know what you had until you lost it.” He smiled at me, which just made me smile. Then we came to quite a large red wood door, he pushed it open. The chamber was dark, then the roof opened to reveal the morning sky, then a Dragon landed in front of us. It startled me, “Don't worry, this is my Dragon. This is Damalis, he probably could smell the Dragon egg.” Damalis stuck his nose in my bag, so I took out the egg, he nuzzled the egg. He flapped his wings a bit, his glorious pale ash coloured scales shimmering in the sunlight. Then five other Dragons hovered around the circular room, but landed, and Farron flew in. And bowed in front of the Dragons, Damalis nodded, and Farron walked over to me. Then the Dragonlords walked through the door, “Ready?” Valeska asked me. “Yeah,” I guess, “Then we shall begin.” All of the six Dragons stood around a pool of deep blue water, each of them cried a single tear, which all landed in the pool harmoniously. “Erica, place the egg in the water,” Valeska rushed me. I rushed then and placed the egg carefully in the water, and it float into the middle. “And a single drop of blood of the rider,” how am I supposed to do that, then Valeska took a knife from the side of the pool. And placed the tip of the knife of my index finger, which oozed with blood, she tapped the knife until a single drop of blood landed in the pool. And dyed the whole pool red, then the pool dried out until just the egg stood in the middle, with little shards cracking off the shell. And the thing 'exploded' the shell broke into a thousand pieces, and turned to snow, but then melted. And there stood in front of me, a pure white Dragon hatchling. It stood upon it's feet. And looked into my eyes, a new age a risen, the age of the Dragon.
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