Erica Bluewater: Another Legend

A month away from her sixteenth birthday, Erica Bluewater sadness fills her soul more than ever. But when a griffin arrives in the back garden of the care home she lives in, her life turns upside down. As she walks into life that she has always dreamed of, she learns that she will become a legendary Dragon Rider. And will vanquish the dark cloud of evil that hangs over the island of the great Dragonlords. But in the midst of all of this, she finds comfort in a stable boy when she is under too much pressure. Realizing her enemy is a vampire, her human strength isn't going to do anything. But when she realizes her powers, she can fight back. Or can she?

This the original, i'm rewriting it at the moment.


1. Prologue

In Tossa de Mar, in the north east corner of Spain. The mountains covered in the green plants and trees. The golden sun rose above the curved natural bump of the Earth's surface. High amongst the mountains, there was a ancient cave, home to one of the Earth's rarest creatures. A Spanish Ice-eye. One of many Dragon types around the world, but is a half breed between the Spanish Firebelly and the Icelandic Icetail. As she looked out of the cave, she saw a dark figure was closing in on her. She turned back to the cave and walked to the end, where there was a pile of stones arranged strangely. She turned back to the entrance, and then back to the stones. She took in a deep breath and breathed out a river of yellow, orange and red. A great thud sounded at the entrance, and she turned to see the red eyes of death. A mile away, underneath the mountains was a heavily wooded area. Amongst the trees was a red deer, having her morning gaze. But little did she know, but she too was about to see death. Before she could lift her head to see the noise, a predator leapt onto her back and snapped her neck like a stick. It was large male griffin, he being only two hundred years of age and can live until he is eight hundred, and he was just fully grown. He then tore off the skin off it's back and threw the skin into the air and caught the whole of it in it's mouth. And swallowed, and he ripped off the leg, and slurped it up as if it was spaghetti. But he then heard a shriek come from the almighty Dragon's cave. You see, that particular Dragon, was the only Dragon for many miles. The second he heard that, he ran for a few seconds and took to the skies. As he flew, he saw scavengers eat his catch, he didn't care. For you see that Dragon was a close friend of his, and he would do anything to protect her. When he landed in the cave, another Dragon, dark as the night, was at the entrance. There have been legends of a dark Dragon, with red eyes, under the command of a man. That wanted his Dragon to be only in existence. The Dragon looked down at the griffin, and then took to the skies flying from one of many of his victims. The griffin watched the Dragon fly away, until he was no longer in sight. He then rushed to his friend's side, but he was too late, she was dead. Blood flowing from rips on her scales, it was then he noticed the stones. He ran to them and with all his strength, he pulled the structure apart, to revel an ice cold egg. Her only child, he knew what he had to do. But he was surprised that the dark Dragon didn't see the stone structure. All Dragons do this to their eggs to keep the egg warm, but when their temperature locks, that decides whether it's a girl or a boy. This egg will be a girl, cause the egg's shell is ice cold, but if it was hotter, it would have been a boy. The egg was a pale blue colour, and wasn't moving. A egg won't hatch unless it has a parent, but the father died soon after the egg was homed in the stone structure. All orphaned eggs have another fate, they will become a humans partner. The human will become a Dragon rider, but not just any human can become a Dragon rider. most Dragon Riders are men, but the griffin wanted it to be a girl. So it would be as if she was the Dragon's mother, he grasped the egg in his claws. Flapped his wings as hard as he could and he lifted into the air, and glided out of the cave. To lands he would have never have traveled to, but onward he flew towards the rising sun, on a quest for his dead friend.
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