The Angel of Death

Everybody knows they have to die one day. We all have an appointment with Death. But what happens when you cheat it? It is not in the nature of Death to forgive or to give second chances. The Angel of Death will come back for revenge...


1. Chapter 1

He felt the iron knob of the door beneath his fingers, chest undulating, head thundering with questions.

How did I get here?

He pushed the door open, taking cautious steps, anticipation and trepidation impairing his ability to think clearly. There were too many doubts. Too many unanswered questions. He had not the faintest idea of what lay on the other side of the door. All that he could see was darkness. Complete darkness. 

But yet, he wanted to keep walking. It was odd. Mysterious. But he wanted his questions answered. He wanted to find out what dwelt inside this strange room.

His footsteps echoed in the dark room as he tread forward. There was nothing to be seen at first. Just darkness. Behind him, the door clicked shut. His heart started hammering. He tried to feel for something. Anything. But it looked like he had wandered into the middle of nowhere...

Just then, a dim light shone on an ornate stone table somewhere in the center of the room. Lying on it, her head propped up by her hand in a subtly insouciant way, was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid his eyes on.

She was extraordinarily beautiful. Charming. Magnificent. Her dark hair was tied in a loose bun, ringlets of it caressing her uncanny pale face, each detail of which seemed to have been sketched perfectly - her black eyes gleaming in the dim light and her full red lips flawless. But despite of her enchanting magnificence, there was something wrong about her presence.  It was her aura - edgy, powerful and cold.

He stood there, rooted to the spot, staring at the woman as if in a trance who stared right back, a soft smile playing on her lips. For a few moments, she just stared, studying him as though he was a particularly interesting creature, but finally sat up.

"Adrian," she whispered. He shivered, surprised that she knew his name but proud that she spoke it so softly, so beautifully. There was no fear or doubt in his heart anymore, just inexplicable warmth and devotion. It was like she had cast a spell on him so he would never move, never speak, never feel ever again...

"You have changed," she stated. "Of course, the last time we met was ten years ago. I was expecting this."

"Huh..." he said, still enthralled by her charm. But the last line she had spoken bewildered him slightly. "The last time we met? When was that?" He had no memory at all of ever having witnessed something so perfect, let alone had an actual meeting with her.

"Ten years ago, like I said," she spoke more insistently. "Don't you remember? I thought you would. Am I not of any significance to you?"

His heart was now filled with doubt once again, and the fear came back. "But we have never met before."

She laughed. It sounded like the best music in the world. "Yes, of course not. We had almost met."

I wish we had had, was all he could think. It was an amazing feeling, standing there in her overwhelming presence and actually conversing with her like they were old friends. But her statement still made no sense to him whatsoever.

"Oh, I shouldn't expect you to remember," she tutted. "It was tragic, last time. But we have finally met, Adrian. I have brought you here. Nothing can change this."

She slid off the table in one smooth movement and strode towards him, her feet barely touching the ground. As she moved closer, his heart began hammering with fear again. She stopped only when she was inches away from him. "Oh, Adrian. You were so young, so small. Don't you remember me from ten years ago?"

He tried so hard to make sense of what she said, but his mind had stopped working. "No...who are you?"

She smiled. "I am the Angel of Death."

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