Mary-Ann Bane

These short storys are all about the small girl Mary-Ann read more to find out about what she gets up to!..........

Before you read:
This is no Harry potter or Enid Byton.
This is just a little story written by a me.
So if its not great so what! ENJOY! xx


1. The Story in all it's Glory!

Mary- Ann Blane is a small girl who lives in a small cottage on a hill. She has one brother Richard and a mother Lily and a Father Jhon. One day Mary went down to the river which flowed at the bottom of the hill. She carried a empty bucket as she skipped joyfully down from her house. When she reached the river she saw a lady who was also collecting water just like her. So Mary bent down to the river and filled the bucket.When she rose she saw the old woman just standing there. Mary went over to her and asked Are you ok you look as if you have seen a ghost. With that the old lady vanished leaving nothing but her bucket and an old walking stick. Mary was stunned, what had just happened she thought to herselef. She then picked up her bucket and started to walk up the hill. And as she did the old lady appeared again carring a basket this time. When Mary saw her, her mind whent blank, her knees weakened and she feel to the floor. This was no real old lady she was a well known witch! She would confusse the child and then take there memories! After this she would then take them to a small island to live whith all the other brainless, sticky fingered  childern!

Your probley wondering why this witch did this, well i'll tell you now.

This witch hated childern just like any other, she hated the way they would talk over alll the adults, how they would cry and walk and say they were so brainy because they went to school! This witch hated anything to do with childern. This witch was going to get rid of all the childern!!

I talk about her by saying this witch, i say that because there are millions and millions more witches out hter all eyeing up there next victim all ready to pounce on ther next child. Soon no child will be left. so you watch out, thye next old lady who smiles at you in the coner shop may be a witch ready to take your brain away, or the next old lady who offers you a sweet on the bus could very well be a witch even your ugly witch like History teacher could take you to the island. So watch out you never no what will happen......

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