What happen if I go too far?


1. My life

I live in a very strange place. In fact, it has people, houses, animals, gardens and flowers but, most of all, everything seems to work too perfectly and I have always wondered what is wrong here. Neverthless, I do not want to look too suspicious but I simply do not trust completely what people around me say. First of all, people say that it would be better for everyone to stay in the place in which we live and they nervously change speech whenever I  ask some information about the world out there, I mean, beyond the outer limits of my village. At any rate, I am not the only one who wonders about this unsolved mistery. Moreover, I have heard someone questioning the reason why objects have such a strange and grim shape. Actually, if you check it out properly, things are quite different from what people would like to believe. For example, one day I was looking at a pair of  colored boxes in which my parents put some clothes. Thus, I do not understand why these boxes show one shape when seen from a distance and another when you look closer.  Furthermore, everybody in my village knows the story of the poor and unlucky fellow, whose mother owns a big shop of general grocery and who's father is an humble and honest manual worker. Poor guy! So young and so crazy! He has been taken to the mental hospital after he began to doubt everything, shapes, outer world and people themselves. People have found him lost and half unconscious right in the middle of the high street, the only street which goes further, beyond the limits. However, everyone who has tried to leave the village through this street have experimented a spooky need to turn back to my cosy village and so did I.   However, I know that there is another way to get out of my village.  
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