Two Faced

Do you believe in ghosts? Vengeful spirits of the dead that cannot rest in peace as long as they are avenged? No, I didn't believe in it either. But when a ghost possesses your body and makes you serve its purpose, you obviously have to start believing...


4. Chapter 3

I screamed, expecting to wake up in my bed like before, but instead, I opened my eyes and saw the bodies of my dead parents before me. I had killed them.

I felt hollow all of a sudden. My vision was blurry and all my energy had been drained out of me. My knees gave way and I flopped on the floor, feeling panicky and utterly bewildered at the same time. I looked at the gun in my shaking hands. I had absolutely no memory of ever finding one! This had to be just a nightmare! This was not possible. My parents...dead? And I killed them? No. No, that wasn't possible. This was just an unusual nightmare, and I would wake up any minute now, feeling stupid about overreacting. 

But nothing like that happened.

"I had told you," I heard the same, silky voice I had been hearing in my head for days, except this time, it was real. I looked around.

"What...who are you?'

"Look at the mirror, Beth," the voice urged. I responded automatically, my head turning to the mirror on the wall that had belonged to my mother. In it, I saw myself, looking scared and confused for a moment, but the next moment, I saw myself smiling contently.

I frowned, but my mirror image, instead of doing the same, continued to smile. I walked towards it, as if in a trance but my reflection still stood there, smiling.

"What..." I said hazily.

The girl in the mirror tutted. "All this while...I kept telling you, but you never listened. Didn't I always tell you, Beth? Didn't I try so hard to make you understand what was going on in the depths of your heart? Now look. You were angry and annoyed with your parents...look at what you did. You killed them."

I screamed, blocking my ears, unable to face the cold truth. I had  killed them!

"It's no use now, you killed them," the girl in the mirror kept saying. 

"Shut up! SHUT UP! I didn't do it! Someone made me do it! I don't know...I - I -"

"Oh dear," she said, in mock concern. "Why are you so disturbed? They deserved it. You know they did. Your stupid superstitious father and your fool of a mother! They deserved to die."

"NO! No, they didn't! I don't know how this happened! It shouldn't have. Something's not right."

"Come on, Beth. You are the one who did this. Don't you realise it? You always had this side to yourself. You tried so hard to act nice and sweet, but of course, I knew this day would come. You weren't the perfect daughter like your father had imagined."

My head was thundering with questions. "What are you talking about?"

The girl in the mirror raised an eyebrow. "How lame are you, Beth?"

I stared, perplexed. Why was I talking to my reflection? What on earth was happening?

"I cannot believe you never realised the truth. You have been listening to my thoughts in your dreams for so many days! And you still couldn't figure it out?"

I blinked. What was she talking about?

"I've been in you forever! Didn't you ever realise?"

"What - you've been in me? What does that even mean?"

But suddenly, something changed. She was not my reflection any more. I watched, dumbstruck, as her eyes sunk into an inky black, bottomless pit. Her pale skin was blackening steadily, and her hair had burned crisp. She looked straight at me, though it was hard to tell because of her pit-like eyes, and gave a sinister smile.

"I'm your sister, you fool!" she yelled. "I'm Jade!" She cackled on noticing my perplexed expression. "Hard to recognize me now, is it, sister? Look at me. Burnt. Tortured. Dead!"


"Yes, Jade. Jade who was killed by her own father when she was a baby because he thought she had bad blood!"

"What...what are you...Father killed you?"

"Oh yes, he did. Didn't he ever tell you? He believed I was a demon and you an angel. He couldn't bear to let me live. So he had me killed, and that fool, our mother, she could do nothing to stop him! Now you see? Now you see why they deserved it? They killed me for no reason!"

I felt like my heart had turned into lead. Father? Father had killed my sister? I had always known of his superstitions, but I never thought he would do something so cruel to his own daughter! 

"I wanted revenge," she said. "After what they did to me, I couldn't rest in peace. So I came back.I came back long ago, and I've been in you ever since. You've always had this side to yourself - the side that was me - but you never figured out."

I started trembling. This didn't feel right. "You - you used me? You made me do this?"

She shrugged. "I needed a host, and what would have been better than to possess my own sister's body? The angel, Beth. Beth, who was lucky enough to live while poor Jade had to snuff it." She snorted. "I listened to your thoughts, how you kept complaining about your boring life. The more your soul opened up to me, the easier it became for me to possess you. You were such a good host! Your mind hardly ever resisted my presence."

I was rooted to the spot, my whole body numb. I couldn't process this.

"Nobody would ever suspect lovely little Beth, would they?" she sneered. "And now you killed our parents. Their dear Beth did it to them. Are you happy now, Father? See what your little angel did to you?" She gave a mirthless laugh.

I tried so hard to convince myself that this was all unreal. But I couldn't. It was like Jade's spirit was eating my soul, bit by bit, killing me slowly and painfully.  

"Jade...I never knew...I never -"

"Of course you didn't," she snapped. "But that doesn't make me want to forgive you. I have had my revenge from my parents who killed me...what about my sister who was the reason they did it?"

I froze. "What - I would have never -" But I realised just then that I was now pointing the gun in my hand to my temple. My heart started hammering again. What was happening?

", Jade, what are you doing?"

"I made you kill our parents, Beth. I can make you kill yourself too."

"But what - what have I done? Why do you hate me?"

'It's just the fact that you exist." she said simply. " I wouldn't have had to die if you hadn't been born."

I held my breath. This was wrong! But I had no control over my body. Jade had completely taken over.

"Rot in Hell, dear sister," she said.

And I pulled the trigger.

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