The Trace of the Fugitive Gods


1. The Traces

I am not a spiritual person. I do not believe in a higher power or an afterlife. I do not believe that bad deeds always get punished or that good deeds always get rewarded. I do not believe in fate or his grand design.

I understand the world as a sequence of meaningless events, most without consequence. Consequences are accidental. They are not unintentional as this implies a possibility of intent. I believe in six and a half billion people acting and reacting to the world on a largely instinctual level.

Amid this mire of meaningless causes and pointless effects patterns can often be discerned, like seeing a man on the moon or faces in the TV static. I believe it is important to search for these patterns in life, notice them when they happen.

Take pride in coincidence. Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, observe when dates and numbers coincide and read the subtle poetry life has to offer, but remember that the world is indifferently random. Any poetry you find is of your own making. You are the poet, you are the creator, you deserve the credit.

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