Shoe shopping (to make you smile...)

A couple go shoe shopping but has she ulterior motives....will it make you smile?


1. The short story in full

Come on sweetheart,lets go......oh ok said I "where to"? like couples do,,,,,,,,,,,for shoes lol...... I wasn't going to argue with that impish glint in your eyes, when it was an obvious planned excursion,ok said I................

We left home hand in hand,it was far too hot to take the bus,we walked into town,,,,,there it was,,,,,,,an emporium of footwear,shouting to us through a huge,well lit,plate glass window,,,,hi Mary.Hi beckoned.

The shop was lovely and needed to be,there was a huge display which I immediately realized,would take some time,you looked at me and smiled a cheeky smile,your eyes guiding my eyes to the first pair you picked up.....mmm these are nice Paul,what do you think?,you knew I was wise to your fun and games,I gave a silent smile and ran my tongue around my mouth and produced a smirking reply,very nice but you will never be able to walk in those,,,,,they were elegant,,,,dripping in little teardrops of rhinestones,,,,,,a couple of very narrow straps across the front to frame well pedicured nails,and a delicate strap, that clamped around the ankle like a bondage slave,and fastened with a tiny jeweled buckle at a postion over the and class I said........I agree said Pebbles,I might try them on.

You obtained the correct size from the assistant and,sat on a padded stool,and slipped your foot into that bondage,and reaching to the side,ajusted and fastened that delicate singular ankle strap.Slowly and seductively you crossed your leg,pointed your toe to show how lovely they looked,raising your eyebrows,bit your bottom lip like a naughty girl,smiled and reached both hands down to either side of your newly strapped ankle and slowly drew them up your calf.....the tease ended in a quick flurry at the bottom of your flaired skirt,and a throaty oops escaped your lips.I looked at you in a half glared pretend chastisement,you knew,...I knew...

The ritual of the other foot took the same was a well planned military manoeuvre,a medal was silently and mentally awarded. I still think they too high to walk in,,,,,with that and a little pout of disappointment (purely as show) you stood up and,slowly,with fabulous flare of your hips,proceeded to walk the shops runway,much to the satisfaction of a couple of old men out shopping with their equally older wives,one of whom received a sharp dig in the ribs for staring and smiling at someone who obviously belonged in a whorehouse.

You took your seat and slowly,with a smile that could have laced an old salts rum glass,you placed them in the box,on the floor,by the stool..

We toured the shop....this one...that one....oooo these are nice,,,,,occasionally gripping my hand and excitedly dragging me to a display like bubbling lovers do..... You settled on a pair that you simply must have,they fitted perfectly,size 4,you walked... neigh,floated down the runway like an angel,..shaped calves enphasizing shaped strapped ankles,you knew by my wide eyed look and the way I had also to bite my bottom lip they had my seal of approval,and goodness,they were even half price,I am a yorkshireman tha knows!.

You paid while I waited outside,you skipped from the shop to join me and clung on to me,arm in arm,with a almost musical gait,we hurried home,smilng lovers,happy in each others company.

We arrived home....I better make us a cuppa I said,phew its hot,as I opened the doors back and front,hoping maybe that a butterfly might float in on the wind,cos thats how I felt inside.

Ok ,darling can I have a white coffee please,one sugar,I'll be right back,I must try my new shoes on you giggled,.....ok I thought,off we go again lol........god how I love that woman. I was,stirring our drinks when I heard the russle of your skirt descending the stairs slowly,from the eye level look I had,such beauty and perfection,the shoes looked fabulous,you looked more than fabulous....I had fallen for this dream that allowed me the honour of loving her,,step by step you slowly descended untill at last you was at floor level ........well?????? what do you think you said,looking for all the world like a little girl awaiting Daddy to praise her,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you look adorable I said,with that you walked up and down the kitchen and then stood,slightly turning,bending your knee to bring your heeled foot up behind you,you looked over your shoulder at the shapely ankle and quizzed,,,,,,are my seams god........I was so mesmerized as you floated down the stairs that I never noticed you has put hosiery on,w w w when did you put those on,,,,,,,,,oh darling ssshhhh...I know you dont care much for suspenders so I bought these hold ups last week in the town,they look fab Mary,so do you,,,,absolutely fab.....

Awwww Paul,thank you love...NOW... you jumped,,,,,making me start,,,close your eyes a minute.... I did as I was told....I could hear all kinds of russlings and clip clops and goodness knows what,it sounded like my princess was building her castle from clouds of various textures.....can I....NOOOOO...just a minute.......oh ok...I them..........I opened my eyes and the princess that is Mary,my pebbles,was standing tottering on these fabulous high heels,.strapped and bejewelled,you could have lighted up a beacon from the grin on my face,,,,,"I knew you liked them",you beamed,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,kiss kiss,,,,,,,,,"aww darling" I said,"you are silly,,,,,,,,you will injure yourself walking on those".,.silly Paul,in that accent that can only be my Wigan wonderwoman.....they are not for walking,,,,,,,,,they are for bed,,,,,,,,,x

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