Emily-May Wright is just a plain, in the corner, never seen kind of girl. She's an emo, she has depression issues and she has a bad home life. Then she met Tom her saviour, her knight in black shiny armour. Thing is they met online. Is Tom everything Emily wants him to be? Or is he just a fake?


2. Tom

Ok, so you probably think I'm weird. I'm not, I'm just different. You also probably think I'm crazy for trusting a guy I met online. But it's not like that, yes he asked me to be his girlfriend, and yes I said yes. Thing is we're in love. You can't stop that. Well I hope not. He's the best thing that ever happened to me. I love him so much.

The problem is people always tell me not to trust him so much, not to love him as much as I do because he could be someone completely different. He could be lying about who he is, he could be a pedo. I don't listen to them though, I don't trust them. They don't like me, I know that for sure. I see them stare at me, I hear them whisper about me. I don't care, I have Tom. We're invinsible.

This is supposed to be about Tom. Ok, so where do I start? Well, he's 18, he lives in the same area of England as me. He's moving to Loughbrough though, so he'll be further away. He has a younger sister and an older brother. He has 2 dogs, 4 cats and 9 rabbits. He's a pet shop manager. I don't think theres anything else I can say, except his family home is a lot better than mine. Oh, and he tells me he loves me everyday.

We used to talk all the time, every chance we got, we talked. Sometimes about my past, his past, his family, my family. Most of the time though we talk about each others day, and how much we want each other close or near. That's another thing, we haven't met in real life yet. We are still really close though. And more in love than anyone I know. I know that for a fact. I get happy every time I talk to him. I'm depressed every time we don't though. He is the only person to make me happy, he is the only person who makes me happy. He always makes me happy. He really does.

The other day though was different. He was online and this is how the conversation went;


Hi Hun x

Me (one hour later):

plz talk to me i need you and theres something i need to tell you

There was nothing from him for the whole day, I was more depressed than I had been for two weeks. I didn't feel safe, I didnt feel like I could trust him. I felt like he didn't love me anymore. I couldn't stop crying. I cried for the whole day. I didn't go out the next day, I just cried. I didn't think he would do that to me, I trusted him and now all I wish I had done was say "f*** you!" but I didn't i fell for it. I fell for hi s evil trick. I hate him...No I don't I still love him, I hate myself.

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