Emily-May Wright is just a plain, in the corner, never seen kind of girl. She's an emo, she has depression issues and she has a bad home life. Then she met Tom her saviour, her knight in black shiny armour. Thing is they met online. Is Tom everything Emily wants him to be? Or is he just a fake?


3. Me

I thought we were perfect together. I thought we would be together forever. Obviously I was wrong. I hate myself for falling for him. I really do. He just played me. He made me more depressed than I was before. He was the only I could talk to. He was the only one I would talk to. Now I know better. Now I will never trust anyone again. I hate my life. I hate everyone around me. I'm never going to let anyone near me again. Theres just no point. I keep getting hurt. I hate this. I hate him. I hate her. I hate them. I wish I didn't but I do. It's so hard now. Harder than ever. Help...




The End

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