Emily-May Wright is just a plain, in the corner, never seen kind of girl. She's an emo, she has depression issues and she has a bad home life. Then she met Tom her saviour, her knight in black shiny armour. Thing is they met online. Is Tom everything Emily wants him to be? Or is he just a fake?


1. Me

I'm Emily-May Wright. I'm 16, I live with my mum and my little brother Carl. I never knew my dad, he left when Carl was 1 and I was 3. I didn't know if I was ever going to see him again, I just thought he was going to the shop. I never thought he'd leave us forever. This ,I think, it what started my depression off. I know your thinking "but you were only 3, how could you be depressed?". Thats the thing though, I wasn't till I was about 10, when I realised that my dad was never going to come back again. It was hard to understand but it was the realisation that made me head towards depression. It was horrible but I couldn't do anything but feel that way, that was it, for the rest of my life.

I'm 16 now, that's six years I've felt this way, but it feels like forever. The thing is with depression, comes social problems, music changes, lifestyle changes and a lot more problems that come along the way. One of them is the high possability of becoming an emo and that's what happened to me. My whole life changed, I spoke to different people, I liked different things and I lost a lot of people that were important in my life, like my mum and my brother. Most people say it's because I got difficult but it's not my fault. Is it? Is it my fault that my mum drifted away from me because I started listening to screamo in my room by myself? Is it my fault my brother started calling me names because I started wearing black and dark make-up? Is it? I didn't make the choice to leave my family. I didn't chose not listen ot speak to my daughter. I didn't talk to my sister like she was a piece of crap. So no it isn't my fault, I am not the reason why my family hates me. It's their fault, it's his fault, not mine.

If only I could believe that myself. I don't. I do think it's my fault, I do think I am the black sheep in the family, the odd one out, the outcast. They don't know how I feel though. They don't know what happens behind closed doors. Not even my brother and he lives in the same house. My mother does though, but she doesn't care, she doesn't know how, what she does, makes me feel. She doesn't know how much more I hate her for the way she treats me. How she beats me, more and more everyday, every argument, every fight. I do hate my mother, I don't want to, but I do. I hate my brother aswell. In fact the only person I don't hate, is Tom, I haven't told you about him have I? Well Tom is the amazing guy I met a few weeks ago, and in a second we just clicked. He listened to me, he understood me. He is just amazing. More amazing than I thought anyone could be. The strange thing is, we met online. I just said I needed a hug and he said inbox me. That was it. That was all he needed to say. I told him my whole life story and he just told me straight what I needed to do, what I should have done and that I can't change anything that happened so I should move on. Talking to him was the best thing I ever did. He made me see sense and he made me feel better about myself and everyone and everything. He was the best thing that ever happened to me, and me him.

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