Alice sarah and eve think that they are ordinary triplets but when they wake up in a strange situation there life may be turne upside down


1. Death but no reason

 The Fraise triplets;Alice ,Sarah and Eve , fixed their eyes on  their tutor ,scribbling an equation on the dusty whiteboard ,smothered in soot.They could barely make out what was written on it.''Eve can you tell me what a quadratic equation is?''the tutor questioned wryly.

 Eve gave a involuntary jump.

 ''Go on tell me''.

 Eve bit her lip.

 Her peers stared at her,not taking any notice of the tutor.Alice and Sarah felt uncomfortable by what teacher was asking.

 Eve was the sort of person you would expect to meet;she was unique.She had thick golden hair ;so thick you would reconise it as syrup.Her lips were dyed with blood,which made her timid because people would interpret her as a show off.

 Alice and Sarah had deceitful blue eyes and like Eve,blood dyed lips.Unlike Eve they had jet black hair and a large fringe on their left eyes.Both of them were more reluctant than Eve. Sometimes they would regared eve as their bodygaurd.

 ''Hurry up we haven't got all day'' sneered the tutor,narrowing her eybrows

 Eve took a deep breath and released her words:''I-I d-don't know sir'' she stammered,now knawing  her fingers.The class snickered violently even Alex who had no sense of hurmor at all.

 ''But miss you didn't tell me what one was''said Eve as the tutor grinned.

''Don't awnser the next teachers question.She's horrid!''said Sarah to Eve.

''I agree with you but-''Eve awnsered gravely ,interupted by the look on the tutor face.The teachers face exploded into a raging stare.''What on the flipping planet are you doing''cried the teacher,swearing.''i've already explained what a quadratic equation precisely is .Unacceptable for a ten year old.You three shall be sent to the headmaster for not listening to me''

 ''Who? me?'' said Alice,perplexed.

''Yes you''remarked the tutor ,in fury

 The trio sauntered towards the headmasters office reluctantly.''What had we done wrong?''said Alice.

 But they had stumbled into the headmaster.''Hello Eve,Alice,no Sarah and Alice''the head groaned unpatiently.''Whats up?''.The Fraise's thought the headmaster Miss Sattele was mad ,she was usually the person to become obssesed with giving anyone a detention for no reason at all.''We got sent to you for some unknown reason'' said Alice majesticly.

''Well come in here then'' Sattele said. The trio first reaction was that she had some evil plot to do something to them that would have horrible consequences.

 ''So tell me what happened''began the head.Eve felt a strange felling crawl down her body .She couldn't twitch a muscle and her torso seemed to grow smaller.Weakly she opened her mounth and hoarsly croaked her words :''Aposaphi -suiteswa ''.

 ''What''breathed the headmaster.But her limbs began swell and oversized bumps exploded on her arm. Blood splattered into the triplets face,startled.A flame snaked up the spine and a inferno erupted from her thick neck.Scince the office was in flames the Fraises scrambled out of the room trembeling.'''Oh my word.What was that''said Alice berwilded.'''I have no idea the slightest but I just felt different''yelled Eve 

''Imagine if that happened to us'' moaned Sarah,reluctantly.''We're going to get expeled'',hauling the fire escape open.

''Well who is going to do so the head is dead;the teachers and the others will be the same''remarked Eve flinging open the gates.The triplets smiled and gazed at the school engulfed in flames.




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