Elizabeth is a victim of a kidnapping..but she loves the person who's keeping her hostage.
Will she ever escape away from the false love which he provides her?

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1. You.

“I’m scared” My Hands; shaking, Body; numb, Breaths; Unsteady. “Of what?” You questioned, as you stared at my pale, bleak face, towering over me. You knew what I was scared of, I know you did. You just wanted to hear me say it. “Go on, tell me.” “Of you..” Every movement remained the same, my eyes didn’t dare to leave the floor. As you heard the words escape my lips, a slight huff of laughter came from yours, “Of me?…oh I’ve been waiting too long for you to say that..” You stood up and walked to a chair, a lonely, insignificant chair. My gaze didn’t leave the floor, I didn’t want to look at you, your face just made me feel sick to the very core. An irritated huff seeped from your lips.. “Look at me.” You demanded clenching your hand on the back of the chair. Your nails slightly digging into it.  I stayed slumped onto the floor. Motionless. “Elizabeth…Look. At. Me.” You demanded again, the anger in your was voice more and more noticeable, but I didn’t care, even though I was so scared of you, your heated voice didn’t effect me…It was more of what you could do, than what you could say, which scared me the most. As my movement didn’t change from your last command, I heard your slowly paced footsteps, coming towards me. I hid between my knees. Another laugh leaked from your mouth as you saw me hide away, dreading what you’re going to do next. You perched behind me, as you slowly placed one hand on my shoulder, caressing it, then squeezing it slightly. With your other hand you slowly and gently moved my hair away from my ear, tucking behind. You lent your pale, emotionless lips to my ear, slowly slipping your hand to my neck, gripping it, pulling my head from my knees in one swift movement. I let my body go limp and lifeless. My hands dragged on the floor, as putting life into my body wasn’t worth it anymore. Your lips parted to let out a whisper. “It seems as if you didn’t hear me properly last time...did you?” For every word that you spoke, I felt your warm breath hit my ear, but I still remained motionless, I didn’t want to answer anything that came from your sickening mouth. Your hand tightened around my neck, you pushed your fingers into it, just like you did with the chair. “DID YOU?!” You shouted into my ear. The shock of your roar brought me to tears again, as I struggled to get my words out. “No…Sir…I-..I didn’t…Sir.” I gasped for breath as you released the pressure on my neck just a little. You sneered. “I didn’t ask you to call me sir…did I?” You laughed under your breath.. “What am I to you? Hmm?” You make me feel weak and worthless, I didn’t even feel like trying to fight you anymore, you were always control of me, you always will be. “My...M-Master” the word’s dribbled out of my mouth. It made me sick to even hear that word. You seemed to like to think you owned me, like some toy. Playing with me whenever you want, doing what you want to me, controlling me. I was hoping you’d get bored of me by now…but god knows how long I’ve been suck here with you. Seems like a life time. “Good girl.” Your lips moved to my neck as you brushed them lightly onto it teasingly. Kissing it lightly where you’d been rough before with your fingers. Why were you giving me such attention? What did I do to get this affection?. You know my weak spot. You know every spot on my body which could make me fall for you in an instant. I held strong. You slid the hand which was on my shoulder, down to my chest. I pushed your hand away. Finding the little strength I had left, I stood up and backed away from you slowly. “I am Not, your toy. You can Not, do what you want with me..” I breathed out every word.. “Oh and you certainly cannot get away with this..” You stood up also and gave me that look as to say ‘just give up now’. “Now, now…That’s no way to talk to your master.” As you violently slapped me across the face. A quick hard slap that left a harsh sting. I gasped from the pain, as it made me curl up and grasp my cheek. I still held strong on my feet. “Now...what do you say?” You waited for an answer, folding your arms, just staring, until you heard what you was seeking for. I couldn’t fight you any longer, how could I? You made me who I am. You made me feel so safe yet so abysmal. I fell to my knees and looked up at you. My cheek was red, as a handprint bruised my face. I bowed my head to you, placing my hands to the floor in front of me. “I’m sorry Master. Please forgive me..” I spluttered quickly. Curling my finger tips into my palm, praying you won’t hit me, or hurt my again.

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