Elizabeth [Ghost-Story, A]

Elizabeth, twin-brother Noah & best-friend Jennifer walk-home barefoot having-attended 1843 Christmas-Eve celebrations at the Henry J Fate Flour-Mill. Twins are tragically-killed in a 'road-traffic-accident'.

Opening-scene; standing on the dirt-road [NO-pavement/sidewalk] a few steps away from the stone-wall entrance of the Henry J Fate Flour-Mill, camera moves-past gate-keepers [night-watchman’s] wooden-hut [on the right-hand-side] across the cobble-stones toward & through the school-room window.

Moving forward to the table nearest-lectern camera focuses-upon Jennifer & her best-friends Elizabeth & Noah listening-intently to their-employer reading closing Christmas Carol paragraphs... ‘God bless-us everyone’.
Closing the book Henry thanked the children for attending the modest flour-mill seasonal-celebrations; standing quietly, the children dutifully lined-up, thanked Henry & wife Zoë as they collected a token-bonus of nuts, flour...

Walking-home barefoot Jennifer fell-behind a few paces, holding the Royal Oak wall for-balance as she brushed the soles of-her-feet to remove stones that had been hidden under the light-dusting of-snow.

Standing upright she caught-sight of a pair-of-horses impact Elizabeth & Noah, their bodies falling-lifeless on-the-road.

Tolling of single church-bell; screen fades-to-black.

We move to 21st-century with Valerie standing by the Royal Oak wall, husband Allan walking-up behind wife of 30yrs.

Elizabeth is hidden-from-view...

Alive-&-mortal Elizabeth & Noah get to live in the 21st-century.


30. Valerie-Letter [1]

The following-evening Valerie was-first to sit at the dinner-table with her slate-&-chalk to carefully-write what she would-later transcribe with-pencil in-her very-best handwriting:

My name too is Valerie & today September 6th 1866, is my 14th-birthday. Mom baked a beautiful apple-pie & we-all enjoyed piping-hot from the oven, it was lovely.  

My younger-siblings Helen, Deborah, Peter & I listened to a fascinating-story last-night about 2 American outlaws living under aliases Smith-&-Jones who gave-up their lives-of-crime, told by our-mom. It was very-exciting & the black-mirror invention upon-which she had-viewed is something I would love to experience.

Mom pointed to the wall in our-home, identical to grandmas, where you have the black-mirror; I am so-happy for you-all.  

Please say ‘Hi’ to Debbie & her daughters Naomi, Hayley & Nikita; I hope all will enjoy long healthy-&-happy lives & find ‘the-one’.

Jennifers eldest-son Isaac & I are courting & may, one-day, marry.  

You-know-of my-future & those-of my-siblings; the laptop-&-Internet are fascinating, I would love to see mom & uncle Noah archived 21st-century ballroom-dancing on your magic-mirror.   Mom's laptop ONLY-works with the solar-panal attached &-then ONLY on bright-sunny-days.  We all love the ballroom-dancing, especially mom-& uncle-Noah being presented-with the trophy & dancing-in YOUR living-room.  Teasing-glimpses of mom playing-keyboard, making-biscuits with Hayley, riding-a push-bike that-play from the internal-drive. We have each created a 10-minute-segment & mom copied to a 500Meg ClickFree external-drive, together-with mom's 'future-story'.  For-as-long as mom-& uncle-Noahs laptop work we promise-to create additional-segments.

Mom taught-me to-play piano in the flour-mill school-room & many-songs; I love Waltzing Matilda & Georgy Girl best-of-all.

Please upload home-movies to CashOnTheNail for future-generations; our-boss, Henry, arranged for a small-team to create a short-movie [cinematograph] of the flour-mill, school-room, workers & his-home.

We hope to view in about two-weeks in the school-room; Henry has-paid for 3-copies, one will be-kept at his home, a second wrapped in cotton-sheet & sealed within an air-tight metal-box [which we hope you enjoyed], the third will be-retained as a ‘back-up’.  

Mom-&-grandma next-door love the clockwork & steam-powered washing-machine; I invent-things too, I have the-idea of using a small steam-engine to turn-paddles in-a-drum to mix flour, water & yeast to manufacture bread-dough.

Moms 21st-century cell-phone is a distant-dream in 19th century Porterville; to be-able to speak with friends many-miles-away, so-wonderful.  

Mom wears her St Christopher medal-&-necklace every-day, sometimes she lets me wear-it at-home too.

I saw your photograph in the school-room & mom has kept your-clothes in a metal-trunk should you ever-return.  

Love & best-wishes.

Elizabeth checked & carefully-folded the priceless-letter, placed within an-envelope, signed-&-dated before-being carefully-stored in her secret-place.  

Elizabeth knew letters written-by her-children would be appreciated by Valerie a century-&-more in-the-future.

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