Elizabeth [Ghost-Story, A]

Elizabeth, twin-brother Noah & best-friend Jennifer walk-home barefoot having-attended 1843 Christmas-Eve celebrations at the Henry J Fate Flour-Mill. Twins are tragically-killed in a 'road-traffic-accident'.

Opening-scene; standing on the dirt-road [NO-pavement/sidewalk] a few steps away from the stone-wall entrance of the Henry J Fate Flour-Mill, camera moves-past gate-keepers [night-watchman’s] wooden-hut [on the right-hand-side] across the cobble-stones toward & through the school-room window.

Moving forward to the table nearest-lectern camera focuses-upon Jennifer & her best-friends Elizabeth & Noah listening-intently to their-employer reading closing Christmas Carol paragraphs... ‘God bless-us everyone’.
Closing the book Henry thanked the children for attending the modest flour-mill seasonal-celebrations; standing quietly, the children dutifully lined-up, thanked Henry & wife Zoë as they collected a token-bonus of nuts, flour...

Walking-home barefoot Jennifer fell-behind a few paces, holding the Royal Oak wall for-balance as she brushed the soles of-her-feet to remove stones that had been hidden under the light-dusting of-snow.

Standing upright she caught-sight of a pair-of-horses impact Elizabeth & Noah, their bodies falling-lifeless on-the-road.

Tolling of single church-bell; screen fades-to-black.

We move to 21st-century with Valerie standing by the Royal Oak wall, husband Allan walking-up behind wife of 30yrs.

Elizabeth is hidden-from-view...

Alive-&-mortal Elizabeth & Noah get to live in the 21st-century.


34. Time-Machine [wip]

Fascinated when reading HG Wells novel ‘The Time Machine’ when published in 1895 Elizabeth wrote to his publishing-house, enclosing a copy of her own-work created Christmas 1843.

Having ‘lived’ in the 21st-century Elizabeth was keen to interrogate his inspiration. She had read ‘First Men In The Moon’ in the 21st-century & was looking forward too again when [first] published in 1901; Elizabeth & Noah watched archive-footage of the 1969 moon-landings whilst living with Valerie & Allan. True; her-children had-watched Apollo-documentary on 'precious' laptop 'mysteriously-appearing' that long-ago Christmas Eve.  The 'technology-leap' from steam-engines to the Saturn 5 was 'unimaginable'.

Had HG Wells too visited the future, had he died like herself & Noah, how common was time-travel? Did they have shared memories, experiences & what of her boss Mr Fate.

Perhaps HG Wells was-a white-witch too like best-friend Jennifer, or-perhaps he had-met Jennifer or-another with-that special 'gift'.

Jennifer's stories were very-interesting; though she-confided some-events 'could NOT be-changed'.  Adult Jennifer had-returned to-save the-life-of Thomas who-had-drowned near-the water-wheel.  Dressed in her-bikini Jennifer jumped-into the cold-dark-water without-success.

Scrunched-up on the river-bank she-explained-to Dr Campbell she had-tried to-save Thomas but his-body was 'missing'.

Adult-workers had stripped-down to underwear & after what seemed-like an-eternity recovered the lifeless-body.

Without period-clothes Jennifer could NOT explain her-presence or-even divulge her-name or where she-lived.

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